Cleveland -- old thread

Games Thurs again? Manny, like I said, your stick should be 100% now.

Josie adjusted my Happ – it’s badass. Put in lighter springs in that MAS too.

So someone hit the reset button on the Midwest, huh?

New thread. Heh.

Yeah, thx again Chris for taking the joystick to get repaired. Wanted to thank Jose too.

I should be available Thursday.

Chris will you have TvC by then?

I doubt it. I think the 11th is the first day they can mail it :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe next week, but that’s not a guarantee either.

Sorry guys, I can’t host tomorrow night. Got a bunch of shit to take care of for my car and before my Fri trip to Toledo.

Next week we’ll have TvC though!!

Let me know when you’ll be in Columbus again, esp w/ that TvC :wink:


Yo Chris, since you won’t be available tomorrow, can you mail my joystick or something? I’ll pay you back the mailing cost if it’s that much trouble.

Sure man, sorry Sunday was a bust for me. I had to go home pretty early.

Manny, why? I’m gonna see you in a week, right? It would take a couple days to get to you, not including the weekend

Its gravy man. I ended up having to work on Sunday anywho. But sometime for sure :woot:

I was just hoping to get it back ASAP so I could practice up on Marvel and GG. I’m hoping to get a ride to Chicago for the tourney on the 3rd, and I might wanna enter one of those games along with 3S.

Just stop by my house this weekend and pick it up if you really want it – that would be cheaper, easier and faster than mailing it across the city :stuck_out_tongue: Call me and I’ll let you know what my mom’s up to and when they’ll be home.

What Up every body I’m Having a games/tree trimming party this Saturday 12/13/2008 at my house all my fellow fighting /Halo 3 fans are more than welcome my e-mail is contact me there for addy and cell number.

BTW this is Big Chris in case some of you forgot.

Also what Version of SF iv (console wise not reg or ce) are you guys getting ? I want to get the version the majority is getting thanks.

Wow Chris, been awhile — you should try to make it over one Thursday for games. I’m outta town this weekend.

There will be more people to play online on 360, but a lot of good players will still have it on Playstation 3 – which is the tourney console it’ll be played on cos of cheap converters.

chirs, wat time are you havin ppl over on saturday?

About 5pm .

can you use gc to ps2 adapters for TvC? i have atleast one floating around

hey ed check out rickstah’s av lmao

I have 2 adapters for TvC, but haven’t gotten it in the mail yet. It should come before Thurs though.

Guys, please don’t come before 6:30 this week Thurs.