Cleveland Street Fighters

OK. I wasn’t sure if this was appropriate for the general discussion board or this one. So I just closed my eyes and picked a forum.
Anyway, as you may have guessed from the title I hail from Cleveland (AKA “The mistake on the lake”). I’ve been playing fighting games since I was 7, back in good ol’ 92-93. At that time we had arcades here and there was no shortage of comp. But to make a long story short things have obviously changed in the last 18 years. So my question is where’d the fight move to? Fighting online is great and all but it’s not the same as facing an actual person. Especially if it’s a game you can’t play over the wire.

Here’s the bottom line folks. We hear about every geographic scene every day except the midwest. And we definitely don’t hear jack about Ohio until it’s time for “Season’s Beatings”. So when it comes to fighting games, Cleveland shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. Are we that rare of a breed? CLEVELAND, WHERE ARE YOU?!!

“Where is one who can stand against me”?

At least he admits it.


Hey, at least they’re not Detroit.

Check out the Cleveland thread under the Midwest Forum. Evelgest’s post has the direct link.