Attention all cleveland gamers. Shank down is proud to introduce Console Combat @ THE POWERHOUSE PUB. Click the link below for details.

Become a fan, get directions, and have all questions answered.

Console Combat | Facebook

Hello canton players, Pittsburgh is reaching out and if any of you guys would like to come over and play us we’d be happy to host. Here is an excert from our thread.




Bi-weekly ranking battles at Duquesne University right outside of downtown. Season one is done! (Practice/warm-up/casuals start at 6 and free nachos!) Season 2 is starting soon!

Kaijinjin or OutlawBSC on AIM for details!

Next ranking battle:

September 10th

Facebook link to the event


Duquesne University Student Union
Nitespot, 1st floor
1020 Locust St.
Pittsburgh PA 15219

It’s the building with the Starbucks in it. Go in, straight back to the elevators. Either take the elevator down 1 floor or turn around in that little area and take one of the black doors to the stairwell down 1 floor and you’ll see a wall of windows and us and most likely other people, pool tables, ping pong tables, and a lot of couches.

We play SF4 on 360 since most of us own 360 equipment. We will have arcade sticks available for you to use (TE, SE with full Sanwa, and occasionally HRAP) but it is encouraged that you bring your own controller/stick as this is a good habit.

We play Tekken 6 on PS3 since most of the community here are pad players. We have PS3 sticks available as well.

Contact any of us in the thread (your best bet is myself, Kaijinjin, or Outlaw usually over AIM) about more details

?Super Street Fighter 4
?BlazBlue CS
Melty Blood ACC

Come on down any Wednesday(free wing night) or Friday(free random food night) and we’ll play ya. I also would be willing to let people crash over at my place cause i have extra beds and nap sacks.

good stuff guys… i may make it up there