Cleveland's First Real Tourny 6/22

Uhhhhhhh this is going to sound fucked up but uhhhhhhhhh…

Could all the guys that won please E-Mail me like a copy of the brackets and everything, I had the results wrote down and shit but we lost them, I think they got thrown away by mistake while we were cleaning up and uhhhhhh well you guys have the brackets.

LATER EDIT: Random Tourny Reports…

GGXX: Winner - Final Showdown
Had the biggest turnout at I think it was 30, Final Showdown’s Pink Ky pwned all, I got something

CvS2: Winner - Julian
Had a nice turnout 2nd only to GGXX at I think 25, VDO, Julian, Final Showdown and Chris Rose owned.

MvC2: Winner - Toi_Yet
I think like 10 or 11 came for it, it’ll be better next time.

3rd Strike: Winner - Fugi
Shocked me, like we had I think 15 for it

Super Turbo: Had 10 but it got canned cause it fell below 8 after people started leaving

KoF 2K2: Had 10 as well but got canned for the same reasons as Super Turbo

Alpha 3: Never happened

Killer Instinct: Never made it past 4 people

Halo: Kept stalling me fuckin’ tournys :lol:

TTT: Had a big turnout as well, close to 30

T4: Had a LOW turnout like not even 20

SC2: I don’t know how that went, I’m sorry.

Honestly if we had the rest of Cleveland there we would have had ALL the tournys but it was too far but it was worth it I felt, hopefully we can find something closer next month.

What the fuck!

anyway Thanks everyone for coming and shit


Well on a side note mad props go out to all who came, thank you for coming…

Josh the funk D.O.C. for housing mad amounts of people.

VDO for being cool as fuck

Mobius 1 and Taurian for helping me out on CvS2 cause I had to run around and do other tournys

Toi_Yet for helping me run GGXX

Fugi for his help on 3rd Strike

Kendae for MvC2

Ft. Wayne Crew for coming out, fun was had by all

Final Showdown, I will get you next time damn it!, Just you wait!, Me and Firemonkey are coming for you!!! :lol:

The one cat that brought his Neo Geo and KoF 2K2 for us, I’m sorry we didn’t get to use it cause KoF was canned cause we fell short of 8 people but we will use it next time!!!

And everyone else that came thank you and we will see you next month and on the real, be ready cause in october we will have a fuckin’ HUGE one, it’ll be TOO good.

Some corrections…

Judgment Day won SF3, Fugi placed 2nd, and Chris Rose got 3rd.

And everything in CvS2 sounded right except somehow Ghettoontherise (Dave) got excluded. Julian won, VDO got 2nd, and Ghettoontherise finished 3rd.

I’m super sure carrot top (Tom) won the TTT event. And Drac took 2nd.

…Congrads to all my Michigan peeps who won or did well. Straight represented !:smiley: :confused: :smiley:

That tourney was fun can’t wait till next month :cool:


MVC2- 1st Jake 2nd Chris Rose 3rd VDO
VDO your Rogue Collossus Ken team owns me I got lucky. Nice meeting you your mad cool I hope to play you Detroit guys more in CVS2 I owe you one. Julian Nice job btw. Thanks Mycah for hosting. 80 people showing up is good I would say. Hopefully we can get some more for marvel 2 and CVS2 next time. Peace Out

Honkey#1 won tag CT got 2nd and drac got 3rd

I hope a good time was had by all, because I sure did. Thanks to TW and Mycah for opening the door to play some of the areas great CvS players. Showed me exactly where I stand, and that it’s definately time to get to work on those skills. You Detroit fellas have crazy skills. VDO - Your Gief makes me so proud. Crazy parry to 360 skills. I love to see Gief punching tickets like that. Tarian - Thanks for beating me down, and finally see some of that roll-cancelling everyone’s been talking about. :smiley: Not to mention helping out with the CvS tourney. Julian - Good job pulling it out in the clutch against some mean comp in VDO and Final Showdown (That Kim is crazy, dude.) You earned that shit.

Fugi - Your gonna have to school me on that 3S, because I came to realize I have 0 skill in that game. Good job on running the tourney, too.

Congrats to all the others that won their respective tourneys, too.

I hope everyone can help make this a regular thing so we can all get better and deflate some of them So Cal egos in the future. :smiley:

Change the results (ie. edit) whenever you can. Most of your inquiries/answers were provided, and you can go -->here<-- for Tekken Results. I PM’d you some results as well, but not everything.

Also, I’ve been told that Tsepesh Dracul (aka The Drac) won Soul Calibur 2.

Does Fugi post here?

PS: Drac took 3rd in TTT. H#1 won TTT, followed by Carrot Top.

I pretty sure Fugi posts under the name ‘thatdammhugo’ on SRK.

Thanx Mobius and Mycah for all your bracket info and entrusting running 3s I had mad fun…Im down to run 3s from here on out…MObius u and Yohan are welcmed to come train whenever u have time. What up Judgement…I post on here every now and then but u can catch on aim @ Bobbydrake54…NIce job and patience in the finals U earned that shit…one

Fugi’s got NO GAME at MK3!


Sup bro?

This is Dave’s friend the Sindel scrub, Brent.

My bad for the mistakes on the winners, when I have time I’ll make corrections…and the last weekend in July we’ll have another one, also we’re talking about July 4th, maybe.

yea i am super weak in mk3 but for some reason i rarely lose…guess the mashin pays off…what up brent…we’ll have to go at again at the next meet…peace

Sorry I didnt make it but that tourney is kinda far…
on the up note. Justin and X are down here. so theres going to be a tourney on the 4 of july. Interested anyone?

Do you make it to any tournaments? Because all i ever see you do is talk.


lol, yea he does. he got 1st over chris rose at one, and 2nd behind taz dench at another. both were in mvc2 at florence in northern KY.

i can’t wait until the next cleveland tourney, baseball should be over by then, and i’ll definitely come.

These the most fucked up results i’ve ever seen

Anywayz good job to everybody from MI who went and repped

I had to work Saturday night and I was tired as fuck so I wasn’t gonna drive


Yall lucky i wasn’t there to help Julian N VDO in Halo :evil:

Is CvS2 and all the other games gonna be apexed?