Cliches you can still tolerate


What cliches can you still tolerate? In movies, games, or whatever. You know a plot device/phrase/character type/whatever has been worn out, but you can still hang.


any racist or sexist cliche usually works for me


How in a multi-racial cast, the asians, caucasians, and hispanics are hooking up with each other and sleeping around, but the black guy acts like he has no sex drive…until some random black chick joins the cast for one ep, then disappears. Happened in a few sitcoms.


White girls with big boobs will always be tolerable.


white people thinking all black people have monster dicks. keep spreadin that legend people.


female leads


Women drivers


the middle eastern man who covers himself in oil while fighting.


I think it’s funny how so many people especially srk’ers hate anything that they’ve already seen on principle. Look at how much hate Avatar got, not because it lacked in any of the key areas crucial to success such as emotional connection, character development, plausible consequences, etc…but for being “too cliche”. The vast majority of movies are centered around people and ideas we have seen a million times so if someone hates on a film for being too familiar they might as well not watch films, but hey if someone appreciates originality over execution of concept then it sucks for them because they will never be happy especially when it comes to the film industry.




QTEs and red barrels. better than tolerate, i fucking love them.


I’m starting to feel this way, the vast majority of films are a waste of time and aesthetically equivalent to a pile of shit. But sometimes it’s fun to go braindead for an hour and a half and just enjoy some shitty movie because it has nice graphics or funny characters.


There has been a few movies that try to break the mold however, like mirrormask, pan’s labyrinth, avatar, etc… Movies like that are mostly all I can stand