Click here for GGPO ignore feature

Unzip and place this file in the ggpo folder, replacing the old one, and voila, ignore ftw.

got it a while ago, but just wondering, is it normal for the map in the background of the chat to no longer be visible? it’s there in the unpatched version, then suddenly it’s gone when you add ignore. thanks.

yeah the ignore wasnt thoroughly tested iirc, so probably.

Maybe the map dissappearing was a built-in feature for those who want to ignore the world.

I like it. I wish you could ignore people in chat too though.

Works for me, although this is not the version I have.

I got mine here

The one the OP posted here is the one I found in the above linked post is

thats what it’s for…

i use it for ignoring game requests so people don’t spam me like 50 times straight…unless I’m using a different one.


Oh deadfrog you rascal.

mine ignores both but I dont know which one i have. Only thing is my map suxs.

this version leaks memory like a mofo


that rapidshare link stopped working btw

:clapdos: Well played haha

link is dead.

Solar is gonna be dead and gone.

god i love this feature.
Thanks for creating it.

If the original binary had a built-in mute list with n00bcake, rui_massacre,, Willdestroya and a couple of others, 90% of the issues would be solved. Some people just don’t know whet to STFU, some mental age of 12 thing.

the url is broken!

^ Here’s a link, source =

I don’t use this ignore feature, it’s unstable.

oooh thank you very much!..