Click here for helpful links to Skullgirls community groups, guides, players, and other information


Hello. I’m here to provide helpful links to the places where all the Skullgirls discussion, content, and community is. This forum was used a long time ago, but has been mostly abandoned, that’s why there’s scarcely any actual discussion or anything else here.

Skullheart: The main place Skullgirls player go for discussion
r/skullgirls: There’s a reddit too for Skullgirls. I don’t understand how Reddit works, but a lot of Skullgirls people are there.
Skullgirls Training Clan: It’ what it sounds like. People go and post asking questions and looking for advice and matches.
Slapfest: They’re a steam group that helps people improve and provide matches. They’re really good. They also have a youtube channel where they upload lots of good stuff.
Twitter: There are a lot of Skullgirls player on twitter, but that’s more of a social thing than Skullgirls specifically. Either way, here’s my Twitter. Tweet at me that you want to find SG people and I’ll retweet it so you can find friends.
IRC: there’s an irc, too. A lot of people are still using that.
Discord: The Discord is really good. It’s a more current version of irc, basically. There’s a lot of nice features on it over irc. There’s also voice chat, if you want to talk with people.
SRK wiki: No one discusses anything here, but it has a lot of really good assorted information. It’s not a bad idea to keep this link on hand.
Beginner Resources Thread: This is your go to spot for any useful tutorials, character guides, etc. Basically, if you’re losing and you don’t know why, or if you don’t know anything about the game, or if you don’t know where to start, go here.

Here are a few select links from that resource thread, in case you’re lazy
Changes from Vanilla SG to today: Goes over a lot of the things that were changed since back in the day. There was a lot of broken crap back then. Use this if you want to get caught up, if you haven’t followed SG since release.
Training mode guide
Defensive mechanics in Skullgirls: Good if you want to get hit less often, or understand why you can’t hit your opponent.
Understanding Resets: Not many games are as reset heavy as SG, so it can be easy to get lost. Here’s a helpful guide to help you look for when you were reset, and when your opponent is doing a combo. If you aren’t paying attention, a combo followed by four resets could feel like a minute long combo.
Basics of the low/throw 50/50: detailing why low/throw is a mixup, and why it’s good. Check this out if you find yourself getting hit by grabs you thought you teched, or lows unexpectedly.
Basic mechanics of the game
Double Snap breakdown

Character guides:
Multiple character flowchart combos
Character Tutorials: Slapfest occasionally gets top players to give unedited character breakdowns. Currently, Val, Para, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, Peacock, Cerebella, and Filia
Big Band Compendium
Eliza Guide
Filia Guide
The Art of Fukua
Ms. Fortune Compendium
Parasoul Guide
Peacock Compendium
Robo-Fortune Compendium

Youtubers that post short helpful guides:
KPB|DaPurpleSharpie her “I Wanna Be The Skullgirl” playlist has helpful guides
Skarmand/Liam has a tutorial playlist with some really good intermediate stuff
Mr. Peck: He has a series of “Tuestorials” and a series of “mini tutorials”.
Duckator has a series of “Match Critique” videos, in which he breaks down matches into segments and explains a lot about when and where certain characters are dangerous, and how to play better altogether.

Prominent Japanese Skullgirls Youtubers:
Most of them aren’t on Youtube, I guess. They do populate NicNico, though. I don’t really know how NicoNico works, though. But here’s a link to the Skullgirls tag.