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Sometimes, I get so bored, I scare myself.
The ancient Egyptian aristocracy, as genius as they were, seem to have struck a timeless chord.
Is this interesting or just plain fucked?



Why flipped vertically?

I was… apparently this bored on my Birthday back there. Something stupider::


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I see an alien space craft flying over a valley





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Because you all know where this thread is going eventually:


The masculine one has curly mustache. Coincidence? I think not. :tdown:


Who is that morbidly obese guy getting off a plane? I don’t get it.


more profound epiphanies can emerge from this one


That’s IFC Yipes, show some respect noob.



Not enough likes.

Get baited son. Your mustache is extra curly right now


His fat guy tshirts story is a little more positive than yours.

Last night stream he explained how he approached Broken Tier with ideas, the owner really didn’t believe him in emails! got back to him 2 days later. Cool shirts walking down the street, by non gamers they can point it out… so that’s the Knicks? Magneto with a mustache? Alright!

Best of luck still getting yours solved though.


Quick write something witty - Replying with Gifs/no content


so is core sigley or wat


I agree, Clicking on this thread was stupid.


so what? you mad? i dont even care


Thank you for not using YOLO in your response.


No way. Sigley is actually a good troll. Actually… is it even considered trolling if you’re really like that in real life?