Clocks, how do they w0rk? Strider Hiryu Discussion thread



Can someone try out this zoning pattern?

Have a Satellite summoned already

TK Gram H, land, Gram H, fire satellite, summon satellite.

Then repeat it again starting with the tk gram. If there are too many gaps in the sequence, try calling a beam assist like Mags/Doom when either gram hits or when you summon the satellite.



If the Gram L isn’t connecting it’s because you hit them with Gram H too early. You want to fall a little bit when you do his dive kick so you’re closer to them when they wallbounce. Letting you connect the Gram L on the ground. Hope that helps. Just keep practicing and trying to see what it is that makes it consistent.

I’ll try it soon, but it sounds cool. You always summon a satellite after a TK Gram, so it’ll probably be good. You might even be able to do TK Gram H, land, activate satellite, Gram H, Shoot Sat, Shoot tiger, if they managed to block all this on the ground I’m pretty sure the tiger will meaty them allowing you to either teleport or not. Might be a good string too.

Also, shoot tiger, shoot sat is really good since you can always dash behind it and if they get hit by the tiger you’ll get a full combo from full screen.


Just like Marvelo and Chrisis has been saying, Strider/Tatsu is pretty busted. Without even mentioning the mixup possibilities, the fact that akuma dominates the horizontal space helps dictate how Strider controls the match. I’ve been testing out which commonly used assists stops Strider from using his mobility. Whether it’s a beam like Plasma, Jam Session, or anything that comes out quick and has durability it does not matter, tatsu just blows through everything, and it has one of the fastest startup & recovery time for an assist. If there ever was a team close to msp, I feel like strider/akuma is pretty close.

I know that Akuma has a raw tag combo with Strider but I haven’t developed one yet. Trying to see if there are any other ways besides wall cling H and Gram H, and my timing sucks with both of these methods so I don’t know how effective the combo will be.

I tried out every method I could think of to tag in Doom/Dante off a hard knockdown with Strider but no luck. I even did sjc excalibur H into S and that didnt even work lol.

I’m looking for that second character that will go with Strider/Akuma. Been using Magneto and he works out wonderfully (infinites, beam assist, tatsu mixups). But I wonder if there is someone better that helps out Strider’s neutral game, synergy, and akuma’s assist. Or should I just go with derp and put in vergil second? He has dhc and xfactor, but like ppl have said before, you will need to build meter with strider to get that tod. Plus, I don’t like using rapidslash with Strider. It pushes them back into the corner on block, but I can’t get of a solid mixup like teleport, air L, DJ, air H. I feel like that is one of Strider’s best mixups and even in the corner I can’t use it with rapidslash. I wonder if Magneto has a raw tag setup with akuma that uses hypergrav?

I’m having trouble getting of that mixup I said before (teleport, air L, DJ, air H) with tatsu assist. Any tips?


I tried out that zoning method from before. The opponent can jump out after the tk gram H so I’m going to try out different attacks to see if something works.

With the opponent in the corner you can keep them locked down with satellite bombs similar to Dr. Strange’s eoa assist. H + tatsu, bird bomb, summon satellite. But I stopped before I could see if this blockstring is legit.


I really like Tatsu with Strider, but I feel it has a few weaknesses. One being you can’t end a combo and do call tatsu, act sat, shoot sat, wall cling. They recover too fast for the good extensions so you need to be able to do cr.H+Tatsu extensions. Another thing is lets say you do play Strider/Mags/Tatsu (which would be amazing on paper), you need an assist that lets you combo into Vajra H in the corner so you can side switch for ShockWave DHC. Jam Session, RapidSlash, Bolts, among others do this! Tatsu I don’t think does. :confused:

But if you play something like Strider/Vergil/Akuma or Strider/Dante/Akuma or Strider/Strange/Akuma. Then Tatsu becomes more viable since those other characters provide assists that are better at extensions.

So in the end you gotta choose between Mags and Akuma. and I prefer Mags.


Hmm but say for example (theory) that every hit you get with Strider ends in an infinite or dhc that kills. By doing the tatsu, act sat, shoot sat, wall cling or Vajra H in the corner side switch ShockWave DHC, why would that matter? It’s not like you would kill them with that combo? So if you can’t kill with those combos why would you use them in the first place? For the post mixups options or something else?

Lol I have no idea what im trying to say :smiley:


Hahaha. You usually would kill them with the Shockwave DHC. But, i see what you’re saying. I don’t really go for infinites since I don’t know them with Mags, I usually go for meaty resets. if I get the reset, I go into shockwave for the kill if Legion doesn’t. Also, on incoming off a good conversion, you can usually kill with a gram L loop into Vajra, Legion, Shockwave, and if they aren’t dead Million Dollars. You can also do Legion into GravSqueeze. I see what you’re saying though, but there will be times when you have guys have traded in the neutral and he’s at half health and a DHC would kill, but instead you went for TAC and it was broken. Having the option to DHC is important IMO for point Strider.


K, that makes sense.

I was testing out which assists can help Strider fight Morrigan/Doom when she has her setup going on. But still help with Strider’s neutal game. So I did the basic one where she calls Doom then: L/M soul fist , Fly, H soul fist, repeat.

This is counting the assists and nothing like dhc, thc or anything like that.

Doom - Too tall so he can get clipped from the aerial soul fist & the one that comes from behind. This happens with all three versions of his assists. With the rocks you can time the assist call to beat both ground projectiles, but he will still get hit by the missiles and the air soul fists.

Dante - Did not test crystal. Weasel shot he can get juggled by the projectiles & doesn’t come out fast enough or have the durability to beat the soul fist in front of Strider.

With jam session he gets hit from behind since Strider’s tiger doesn’t have enough durability to destroy the projectile behind him. His Satellite doesn’t have enough durability to destroy the projectile in front of him. The timing is strict but you can destroy the missiles above you, but it has to be called early to destroy the projectile in front of Strider. He doesn’t get hit by the air soul fist so you can approach from the air if you want. The thing is even if you do destroy the one in front of Strider, you’re not advancing forward after it is destroyed and if you advance from the air (strict timing), Morrigan still has the advantage on the ground and Dante will still get hit from behind. Jam session might destroy a projectile but it doesn’t allow Strider to close the distance between Morrigan and him. She’ll just be able to continue firing her projectiles while jam session has to cool down before the next call.

Akuma - Tatsu comes out quickly, destroys the projectile in front of strider (easy timing to call assist), recovers quickly, can’t get hit by the Air H soul fist, and allows Strider to advance forward across the screen. If I call tatsu, Strider will be in her face in one or two dashes before she can recover in time to use another soul fist.

Iron Man - Unibeam, If you call him right before you block the ground soul fists (strict timing), you can still hit Morrigan and even Doom in time, and advance forward across the screen. He’s not as tall as Doom so he doesn’t get hit by the aerial soul fists. Repulsar blast gets rid of the air fists, but I can’t remember if it gets rids of the ground soul fists. But you can’t move forward like you can with unibeam.

There were other assists like Dr. Strange’s bolts (too tall, too slow), Rocket Racoon’s log assist (not enough hitstun for Strider mixups in the neutal game imo), didn’t test Sentinel (lol), Phoenix’s active frames don’t last long enough to consistently beat the soul fists (strict timing), Vergil gets hit during rapidslash. pretty much all the other assists either have a problem with Morrigan or don’t help out Strider’s gameplan.

I would like to use Strider/Akuma over Strider/Dante since (imo) the first team fights Morri/doom better but obviously there are reasons to use Dante instead Akuma on your team.

Could you list the pros/cons for using Dante/Akuma on Strider’s team? For example: Strider/Magneto/Dante vs Strider/Magneto/Akuma since we both like using Magneto with Strider :D. Stuff like thc, dhc (like the one you stated above), raw tags, incoming mixups, damage, etc.


Strider I feel does OKAY for Morrigan, but it’s all on messing up her inputs by constant teleporting. If she manage to get a successful AV out and pin you with fireballs you will die…FAST.

Tatsu is probably the best to fight her in this matchup. Something like Strider/Vergil/Akuma would work well. or Strider/Strange/Akuma.

Dante uses Vajra better so you can always bring him in to fight with Vajra. Also, Jam session is better for controlling a part of the screen and getting bombs out successfully. Tatsu is definitely better for Strider though since it’s faster, but Jam Session is better for extensions.


Hi everybody! I’ve been learning Strider for about a month now and really digging him! I just figured out cool B&Bs using dash jump tech and thought I would share. Hope you like them! :smiley:


For any Dante players here…
Setups and mixups using vajra.The video is pretty long since i was testing Vergil’s escape options for every setup,but i’ve included timestamps for each setup in the video’s description for anyone who doesn’t want to see the full thing.


[quote=“Husser_Brian, post:1188, topic:130154”]

Hi everybody! I’ve been learning Strider for about a month now and really digging him! I just figured out cool B&Bs using dash jump tech and thought I would share. Hope you like them! :smiley:


How do you do that? I can’t get the part after you release the satellite and jump H S. I can only do it if I do jump M H S instead. otherwise I can’t follow up.


Dash + uf, uf, :h::s: You have to get a second jump in right after your pre-jump frames to stay low enough.


Just watched the Vergil Pope OS are whatever its called. Can Strider do this minus the helm breaker with OS his f + H?


Yes. If you have really good execution you could even do: dash/throw, jump, double jump right away, jump f.HS/throw. Basically throw to overhead/airthrow. If that’s too much you can always just regular jump f.H into S or excalibur.


I’m having a bit of trouble playing Strider when he’s on the field. What should I be doing, throwing out dogs/birds, teleporting in, air diving in? Also, I’m having trouble implementing his assist into my game plan and he keeps getting hit. My team is Wesker/Iron Fist/Strider if that helps


Yeah the struggle is real. After 11 hits (ground series, launch, air series, orb shot otg, wall cling L,H, then gram) then rawtag Strange in for the 12th hit (or anything after 12 hits), the opponent flips out after the next hit unless it’s impact palm. Of course if there is a corner to corner combo which allows Strange to immediately go to impact palm loop, then it the hit stun shouldn’t be a problem. Still trying out different combos that carry from one corner to the other that does not need a Satellite to be already summoned.


Easiest way is from a ground grab.

If you’re midscreen, just do act sat, shoot sat, Gram H, rawtag Strange, link cr.L
If you’re in the corner, same thing, but do TK Gram H, slight delay, rawtag Strange, link whatever


I’m trying to find a way without a grab since you have the grab part covered. Like a way for any hit to go into Strange raw tag (conversion from super jump, normal jump, etc).

The reason I was trying out wall cling in the combo was because if I do a combo that’s not from a grab and act sat, shoot sat, when i try to do gram H or tk gram H the opponent is too far away to connect.

If i shoot my sat close to the opponent they flip out before gram comes out. If I shoot my sat from far away gram H won’t reach in time.

I’m think I need to try out different double jump motions in the combo. Like m,m dj up h, s or jump up m, dj up/fwd h, s.


Yeah, I’m still trying to find a way to do it more consistently. During the dash gram combos, you can always do dash Gram H after a shot satellite so that the Gram H hits after its been active a sec already since the opponent is just getting hit by the sat. That lets you raw tag, but I still don’t know after any hit. I know you can also do shoot sat, wallcling, H, delay, Gram H, rawtag Strange, but whats weird about it is that the inputs get messed up sometimes and it just won’t come out, so we need to find other ways.


Any of you Marvel tech heads? I’m wondering how much blockstun vajra has. The answer may change my opinion of the assist for certain characters (I.e. my girl Viper).