Clocktower: Resurrection (12/29/12) Fairfield, CA. SF4:AE, UMvC3, TTT2


Clocktower is back and I want to start running tournaments here again, so let’s make this one good and I’ll be sure to come back with more!
Please don’t bring any outside food as I would like to help the business and would want to continue running events, and also they now serve alcohol so please drink responsibly!

Saturday, December 29th
Signups will start ~12pm
Tournaments will start ~2-3pm

Clocktower Pizza
870 Travis Blvd
Fairfield, CA 94533

Super Street Fighter 4: AE2012
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Tekken Tag Tournament 2

$5 entry fee per game
$3 venue fee required
Payouts will be 60/30/10 (less than 10 entry’s will change to 70/30)

[]Double Elimination, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games (Winners/Losers/GF are 3/5 Games)
]Winner of round must stay with their character, ultra is not locked BUT they must choose before the opponent picks their character
[]Random stage will be used unless both players agree upon a change
]Double elimination, all matches 3/5 rounds (including winners, losers, and grand finals)
[]Winner of a round has to stick with their team but are allowed to change their order
]Random stage will be used unless both players agree upon a change
[]Double elimination, 3/5 rounds, 2/3 games
]Random stage will be used, loser of a round may choose to change the stage
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Updated the post with the rules and what-not. I’ll more than likely have the flyer up tomorrow as well.


Are we allowed to bring set ups


Yes, please do bring a setup if you’d like. Let me know what kind of setup you’re bringing.


If me and my friend both go he can bring a tekken setup and I would be bringing a marvel setup


ASUS monitors or CRTs?


Both Asus monitors mine is the vh238 and his is the vh248


Im in sacramento meeting friends on vacation from hawaii, so i didnt have room to bring a stick, any chance there will be extras for use? Thank you!


Ok we are both for sure heading out there man get ready for jodoh and redx


Hey just wanna make sure this is still going on and will marvelous be doing any mods or sales there


Is there a cost to be an observer/spectator if I buy myself dinner there? I have been trying to find people to play/practice/train with in Solano County, so I would like to see and meet the local game population. I plan to buy some pizza and drinks so the restaurant will make some money, and I won’t just be taking up space.


Hi, just wanted to know if you needed an extra ps3 marvel setup. It’s an ASUS monitor. Can’t wait to go!


Not sure if MC is gonna be there for mods but I’m pretty sure they can take orders/questions and what-not.

No there will not be a spectator fee, please feel free to check out the scene.

Another ASUS/Marvel setups would indeed be nice, it might be possible that it isn’t used but having it there will be greatly appreciated.


Okay I’ll bring it. If it doesn’t get used it could a casual station =).


Good luck to everyone who participates in this tomorrow!


C yall there!

Sent from my Galactus.


I noticed there were some people there using 360 pads on PS3. Are there now good converters that allow you to use a 360 TE on PS3?

I am interest.


Iono which ones people were using at the tournament, Dan, but I did hear good things of this one:

I know Myung over there at GameCenter Arcade in San Mateo sells those in person, and I think they’re cheaper to go through him as well…i think.


Are you guys gonna make this more often?? I know I’m late… but I live in suisun and would love to be part of the fg scene out here! (Even tho there isn’t much aha!) Send me a text 510 292 6956