Clocktower Tournament @ Fairfield, CA

Hey guys, KBeast here, spreading the word for you folks that there’s an upcoming tournament I’m bout to run, and TvC is in it! I originally posted it in the Pacific North section:

Clocktower Tournament @ Fairfield, CA

I’m trying to reach out to the TvC community so we could have a good tourney. Many times this game gets shunned by other communities, and always gets the boot for tournaments. I want to get anyone and everyone to enter this one, so if you are in the NorCal region, come make it out!

edit: New tournament for January 22, 2011

is there some posibility for it to be livestream? is there is a livestream i bring as many people as i can to watch it, by the way good job keeping the commnunity alive

yes, this will be streamed

Huh, right in my town. I think I’ll stop by even if I suck at this game. At worst, it’ll be a $7 lesson on how to play competitively lol :wow:

show up and i’ll make sure u get lessons! hehe

i live in fairfield and would like to go to this tvc tourney but im kinda of new player to tvc but would like to meet people in the community and get tips so i can improve my gameplay.


Get ready for another battle @Clocktower

Who wants to carpool with me up to this? I want to hit up a norcal tournament before the TvC scene is dead. I should mention I don’t wanna drive but I’ll go in on gas. Lol.

wont make it, I’ll try to catch the stream!!!