Clockwork order?

i need to know something, are you supposed to play strider first, or senti first to build meter?

it varies from person to person. This is my take.

I’ve always started strider first vs. MSP because Strider doesn’t really need as much meter to wreck magneto. Sentinel/Doom also has a pretty good matchup vs. Storm/Psy.

Against almost any other team, I’ll start Sentinel.
Against Storm/Sent, I’ll always start Sentinel because he can take the Storm/Sent DHC and live. Not to mention he can stall really well against Storm, guarateeing almost 4 bars each time.

A few exceptions will be against a cable team where cable is the other guy’s only great character, or team a team row depending on how good the other guy is with each character. For me, the idea is to match up strider with the one character that will screw me over the worst if I lose Strider. However, Clock has a lot more faith in his own sentinel than I do in my own though, so he’ll start Sentinel on almost anyone. Even MSP.

i see, but why not play strider first on senti, the chance of catching senti with a back teleport, into the infinite is pretty high, and with one super you can set it up, which will give you 2 meters easy. also senti really can’t keep strider down, one push block, then doom assist, lets you get a free teleport with the rocks backing you up so it sets up aborbos( i know i spelled it wrong) easy. im not a clockwork player but i love to learn anything marvel top teams.

Sentinel has a tough time with Strider, but what he can do is stall pretty well on him if he starts out strong. Repeated lasers cannot be teleported out of or orbed through and require you to do something else like call an assist or jump out or drop a bomb. Sentinel stomping also requires you to be patient when calling your assists. Sentinel doesn’t have to kill Strider. But if he can wear him down enough for him not to be as big of a threat to cable, that’s good enough as it is. Team scrub’s strat is basically to double team strider with Sentinel and Cable at point and try to make sure Strider dies before Cable does.

have faith in your Sentinel or Strider
because if both of them aren’t very good, you won’t always be in a good position to win

Learn to start w/ either Sent or Strider against any match ups IMO but Strider has the best outcome of every match up I believe

if Strider can get that first hit in on the beginning of the match… it’s all good :slight_smile:

c. lp for the win only exceptation is Magneto where you have to j. lk him or just block afterwards just throw those tigers/birds/bombs and j. hp :slight_smile:

If it is on a good player, then i start off with sentinel first. Strider just needs to come in safetly and since he is my best character, i just can’t afford to loose him. So DHCing into strider is probably my main strat.

I use Cable/Strider/Doom as of now since i Cable/Doom has better matches than Sent/Doom and Cable is the strongest character in the level 1 settings.

hey I know coming in safely for Strider is a good thing to have but…

if you depend too much on bringing Strider in safely, then I don’t think your Strider will be beastly enough to keep them away when you have no bar

it’s not hard to play Strider without Orbs seriously

Yes, in a way you’re right. It’s just, the first attack that gets me; lets say dealing with Magneto and Sentinel at the start of the match. I usually start off by jump Lking+ doom or sent (Sent mostly sent if Psy/Cyke is the AAA) assist or i just block then pushblock. There are some cases though where magz would get the first hit even though i managed to hop over him; i would either get hit by Psy and he would launch me before sent’s drones get to him. Sometimes i start off defensive, just c. block w/c is good but then my main strat would be to load orbs as soon as possible. So, yeah… i would start off with sent first since he can take on magneto and mostly whatever magz does at first. I would just build meter and chip him awhile before DHCing into strider. It’s just, you pretty much can’t go wrong when DHCing into Strider against Magneto. I just need my strider to start off like that.

i like having strider first most of the time… s / d can do enough damage to have sentinel have 1 combo kills, so long as your strider doesn’t play like an old lady… i’m no strider player though… long live spiderman… O_o

i throw those tigers and bombs all day because I don’t have doom’s rocks to protect me lol
JUST BOMB IT! haha lk bomb for the win sucks when it doesn’t come out when you want it to tho

Sent/S/D is a smarter choice, then DHC to orbs from HSF.

If you have faith in your S/D, then to that, but when you DHC to orbs you get instant control as well as drones and rocks like starting Strider.