Clockwork Trouble



Attempting this: L, M, H, S, sj.M, sj.M, fH, sj.S xx Dash DF xx whiff L , land, Tri Dash, H repeat

My trouble comes after the land. I am successfully cancelling into air dash and whiffing a normal, but I never seem to get to the character before he gets up. Is there something else I’m missing? I’ve tried this as fast as possible, but I feel like I missing something key that is preventing me from being successful.


You’re just not doing it fast enough. If you have trouble, try using s.m after the trijump instead of s.h. it comes out much faster


Isn’t that the midscreen clock combo?

Shouldn’t you whiff M or H instead of L? I’m pretty sure they’re faster. H allows you to land a tad faster than M though.

I think the problem you’re having is that you aren’t tri-dashing fast enough. Work on that and that combo should be flawless. 5M comes out faster than 5H, but does it have less range?