Clone banning


reason they banned it is because in a tournament it’s best out of three falls. If you pick Bison/Blanka/Blanka and loose you have to pick that same team, but you can accidently pick Bison/Blanka/Raiden, because Raiden is after Blanka in the random select, thus causing you to get disqualified. That’s why they banned it in the first place. Cloning characters does not give you an advantage. I had Bison/Vega/Vega and still lost. Just barely, but nevertheless I still lost…

Make since to anyone???


Cloning gives a HUGE advantage in some cases, and yes I see why it is banned, as most people already do.


ie - A-Bison, Sakura, Bison(2)


Imagine K-groove Geese/Sagat/Geese(2):eek:


No, don’t imagine that… we don’t want that pimp on the same team as Sagat. :lol:


Anyone think the clone banning should be lifted for certain characters? I.E. the only characters you cannot clone are characters like Sakura, Vega, Bison, and Sagat. I mean who’s gonna care if you have 2 Dans on your team or 2 Joes?


Cloning affects the balance of the game. If people wanted to have a competition with a broken game they might as well allow boss characters.

A-groove - S. Akuma-1, S. Akuma-1, S. Akuma-2



cloning isn’t banned, it’s not possible in the arcade and is by default off on console, and console tournies run default settings. it’s not an issue.


Actually there is this guy at my local arcade who picks that team. He does the cloning trick and gets 2 Geeses.


it doesn’t make sense.

if you choose bison/blanka/blanka, and lose, and then you accidentally pick bison/blanka/raiden, you won’t get disqualfied. (this is said if cloning was NOT banned)
you made a new thread and stated useless/false info.

arcade cloning is a “glitch”.

if console is played on default, you could still choose e. ryu/o.iori. iirc. so it wouldn’t matter if cloning was enabled on console or not. there’s still rules.

on the matter of most broken team if cloning was allowed.

A-blanka/bison/blankaR2 would be my choice.

i dunno why you rather have A-bison on point than A-blanka.


It’s lame playing 3 of the same character anyway.
Part of the fun is mastering 3 separate characters.


As Vas tried to clear up this mess, I’ll continue…

YOU CAN’T PICK THE SAME CHARACTER 3 TIMES!!! Two is the max, glitch or not. The worst cloning possible is thus R2 whatever, R2 clone.

If you have bison, bison, sak and lose, you can change your team. It’s only if you win on tourney mode that the WINNER must pick the same team and order and might get disqualified.


oh shit i didn’t know there was such a glitch, either way you aren’t gonna get disqualified for picking the wrong team on accident… you might be out a $1.00, but not disqualified


Most tournies will put it on freeplay anyway.


If any of the games were a true team game there might be a balance to having the same chars, but currently it just reduces what little need for variety there is in games like mvc2 and cvs2.

Also you have a decent chance of getting the char you want with random select, i remember hearing that viscant did reasonably well listing his team as ?/?/random and attempting to counter pick. Not to say there’s no drawbacks, just that the mini game of it is kind of silly and i can see it detracting from the game.


how was that glitch? i forgot how to do it

something like:
see the Random, choose a char and then choose the random?


First of all you can only pick two of the same character in the arcade. You can never pick three of the same character because it is useless. If you take the time to read my thread you will see that your guys’ posts are rediculous.

This is for the one that said you won’t get disqualified if you mess up the cloning: The arcade in tournament setting will reset itself after every match (kind of like VS mode in the home versions) so you would have to pick your characters all over again regardless of whether or not you win or lose.

For the guy that said you can pick 3 Akumas, etc: It is impossible to pick three of the same characters as stated above. You cannot pick the bosses in the arcade, just normal the normal versions of Iori, Akuma, Ryu, and Rugal.

For everyone that said picking two Sagats, etc: As I stated a few posts up this one: You can clone anyone in the game except for top tier characters like Bison, Vega, Sakura, Blanka, Sagat, Cammy, etc.

And last bu not least: No one cares if you pick two Dhalsims or two Dans, etc.


The tournament that FMJ is alluding to was the qualifiers for the first SBO. That was a few days before we announced the glitch, but a few of us already knew about it. I found out because once I figured out random was a pattern, and since I play Geese a lot anyways, doubling up on Geese will happen even if you didn’t mean to do it.

The reason it’s banned in tournament is like how FMJ said. If you’re going to try for a clone, your team is X/X/?. Like when I signed up up for SBO, my team was Hibiki/Yama(2)/?. Whether you get a clone for your random is irrelevant–if you use a random select character, the next match you have to pick random again and it doesn’t matter if you get who you had last time since your character was “random select”. But the reason cloning/any random select is banned in CvS2 is because of the pattern and it’s relatively easy to get a counter character. For example first match, I wanted Vega, so my random was Vega (got him all 3 rounds). Second match I ran into an A-Sak, so I wanted Geese, so my random was Geese in those matches (again, got him all 3 rounds). Another round I thought I wanted Iori, but he got waxed, so even though I won the game, my random became Geese who did much better in the next game. That’s not fair. Of course, mistakes happen sometimes I went for double Yama against Choi and pulled out King. =/

But yeah, the reason it’s banned has nothing to do with getting disqualified for not repeating a winning team, but because you get to change a winning team.

–Jay Snyder


So I guess cloning will never get unbanned. Will we ever see an SF4 or a CVS3? LOL

I know Playmore was supposed to make a SVC2


Yeah, I know. I was refering to console versions.