Clones n' Stuff: The Raven Synergy Thread



I felt this would be a pretty good thread to have, not just because every character has one (also that,) but because after all the patches I’ve been having a tough time trying to find a decent raven partner with his current incarnation.

Although just today I stumbled upon Raven/Bryan. Awesome team. Decent meter building with Raven to use with Bryan for reversals and tag cancels. Also, Bryan f.MK string into trip can lead into a reset with Raven…or a 400 damage combo. It’s a monster zoning team.

Post up your synergy!


Is shoruken the most popular sfxt forum?


Yup, it’s a Capcom game, so I doubt that many other forums have a bigger community for it. The only problem is that up until now the character forums have been pretty dead. The general forums get a lot more love. Hopefully with the 2013 update the character boards will get a lot busier.


I’m teaming up Raven with Lars because they both look like Cyborgs 008 and 009 and I love that anime so I editied their costumes to resemble the Cyborgs. Team Cyborg Soldiers all the way!


Maybe I will try to pair Raven with Dudley. Classy all the way.


Should be a solid enough team, I think raven makes a solid enough point character for any team really. Plus Dudley should be able to get easy j.HK ground bounces off of raven cr.HP.

Maybe raven can get his j.HK loop off of Dudley too


I’m thinking of using Raven + Balrog


I do not think Raven and Balrog have too much in the way of offensive synergy, but the more I think about it yeah, it has potential on the defensive end if you lead with Boxer.
While both can deal strong damage, both lack good (or safe) high/low mixups, very poor options to safely tag cancel, and poor reversal/wakeup options.
That being said, both are very strong at spacing and zoning people out. I reccomend Boxer on point because he can safely tag Raven in off throws and is not nearly as meter reliant.

I was using Raven/King and while both are strong characters and deal good damage together I think they do not play too nicely together. Both need meter to get people off, and Raven’s inability to blockstring tag cancel prevents me from doing my favorite thing with King: tc into elbow smash mixup… So I am looking for someone else.
Either I find someone similar to King for damage and mixups (Asuka? Though she lacks footsies which is dangerous for Raven), or I’m starting to consider him as more of an anchor and go with Poison, Guy, Alisa/Raven kinda like how xian uses Rolento in front of him.