close LK

how can this particular move be used effectively or can it be linked? it usually comes out when you never expect it. this is one of the coolest moves because its the same move bruce lee used on chuck norris to set up a vicious high kick in the way of the dragon. [media=youtube]bqzQ2qrtBeg#t=5m23s[/media] @ 5:23

lol, that is pretty badass.

I use it in this block string:, cr.lp,, ([media=youtube]lgbkXVUKNP0#t=1m30s[/media])

there are many variations.

as conebone says, mainly for block strings. I’ve seen mago use it a bunch to end his block string. The bruce lee vid was sick lol

I use it to end a block string… it has more range than cr. lk so there are counter hit possibilities.

Ever since Street Fighter IV, I’ve felt st.LK and st.MK should have been a target combo. Far st.LK and far st.MK, along with close st.LK and close st.MK just seem so natural to combo into one another to me.

never actually paid attention to the bruce lee version of feis far lk.

thats funny that fei has so many animations only because bruc lee did them

Block strings, totally. Plus, it’s “Flashy.”