Close me, i dont deserve to stay open anymore

So I got a barely used white dsi, i got it on jap launch for 400 lol. It comes with everything in original box, it hasnt been registered on nintendo club so get those points apart from that enjoy.

Crazy baby bump 135

pmed about the language options.

Also can this play US region games?

i wish they would roll out the white color in the US. the black isnt too attractive imo.

don’t tell me you got it al. :frowning: Pm’ed?

japanese dsi’s language cannot be changed to english. this info should’ve been part of the description.

now some1 sell me a modded ex2.

All it takes is him to ask me, Ive already answered it.

yea it’s no big deal i pmed him about the info and he replied. i also youtubed it myself just to see.

hak is a good guy he wont swindle you.

130 only for srk

Sold to someone who wanted a dsi close me please!!

Oh what?
You sold a Japanese Nintendo DSi for only $130?

I kept glancing over this Thread.