Close me im gone!


Had some sanwas lying around, decided to get ride of em. All of them were bought within the last month. I have both new and used. No mixing and matching, Will be selling sets. All buttons are snap ins. RAINBOW SET IS THE ONLY SET OFFICIALLY LEFT!!!

First UP

6 x Brand new Snap Ins Dark Blue Sanwas with matching 2 x 24mm and 1 x Dark blue mesh balltop Everything is new 38$ shipped Sold!!!

6 X Brand NEW Snap ins Yellow with matching yellow balltop SOLD

6 X Like new green Buttons( they were from the custom ascii stick i was selling) well didnt even use them, the tabs are a little worn form taking them out 2 x 24mm and 1 green balltop Sold to Cue16(Im gonna use the same envelope you sent me lol)

8 X Brand NEw Rainbow pack I mixed the iners of white sanwas with color outsides came out pretty nice also the white and black are also included!!! will come with red balltop 35$ shipped

8 X used Seimetsu 14g the buttons fromt he top are perfect its just some of the tabs got beatup on removal SOld to e_med(paypal is tricky lol)


I’ll buy the yellow set.


pm sent :smiley:


Awh, wish you had put this up a week ago - I would’ve been all over those Seimitsu buttons. Oh well, good luck with the sale! :smiley:


Wow you guys suck the yellow set has been sold , sorry med and cue


Aww my dark blue meshball and buttons. They’ll never find a home.


Omg… those dark blue Sanwa’s… I NEED THEM. I wish I wasn’t so broke… damn. I’ll have more money deposited by the end of this week, would you mind holding them? :smiley:


greeeen set please?


They almost did…


Please? :smiley: I swear I’ll pay for them. Complete set of sex right there.


I dont mind but give me an exact date. Thanks! Cant reply fast enough lol


My funds should take 3-4 days to clear, so by Monday. How does that sound? :smiley:


deal, please dont forget. LOL


Wait those seimitsus. Did you dismantle the Mario stick?


Btw, those look sorta light blue-ish… are they really dark blue? o.O


“Wait those seimitsus. Did you dismantle the Mario stick?”

Just the buttons put some new ones in, and also painted the frame. looks better now! Thanks for asking.

“Btw, those look sorta light blue-ish… are they really dark blue? o.O”

Yup these are the dark blue buttons, the light blue ones are different(you can see the frame in the rainbow pack), make sure these are right for you.


I will have to investigate the box I’ll be using, it’s a sexy dark blue suede Victoria’s Secret box. o.O

I shall have answer tomorrow. I still want. :smiley:


Cool please let me know asap, Ive got quite a few interested!


Ho snaps, I just saw the box.

I’ll be taking those. I just found out the funds should clear by the 17th, though. So, lucky you, payment early. :smiley:


Yay I rock lol Thanks for checking the box. Ill package them up.