Close me please

I want to buy a dust cover and about 20 .110 female quick disconnects. Shipping from lizardlick is too expensive. Also if anybody is ordering from lizard lick and can let me piggy back on their order and ship me the stuff in like a standard envelope I would be so grateful! thanks in advance.

Perhaps you shouldve talked with the guy before you talked bad about his company if your ordering something very small he maybe able to cut you some slack add on aim and talk with him before you cut him down. Hes a good guy.

He just said that shipping was too expensive, which is fairly true.
That isn’t a sleight against Chad or his business at all, but shipping is a bit pricey if you don’t know to talk to Chad and get a discount.
Take it easy.

dude im pretty sure the guy wouldnt charge 545 for 20 QDs he might all im saying is he needs to talk to him first before he puts the guy down


Hey Guys,

Ok, here’s the deal on small orders… If you order say, a dust cover and 20 connects, we are obviously not going to pack it up in a box of peanuts and ship it to you Priority… What we do on small orders like that is throw them in a padded mailer and ship them First Class… The price will range somewhere between $1.31-$1.65, depending on the weight. Our shipping calculator is a little wacky, which is why we don’t offer First Class as a choice. It’s kind of a long story, but we tried it once and people were ordering like 5 joysticks, and it was letting them choose First Class (13 oz limit domestically), which obviously isn’t going to work too well for us. So right now, your cheapest choice is Priority… BUT, since we also have our “no bullshit shipping” rule, if you are charged more than $1 over the actual shipping charges, we refund it back to you, so you can’t really lose… There are a few exceptions to the padded mailer rule though, we can’t do TP-MA’s that way, since we’ve had a few arrive in more than one piece, but for the most part, we can do the majority of small orders this way…

And, if all else fails, like Es says, shoot us an email, we’re fairly reasonable people most of the time…



This is why I order from Lizardlick, Chad is the fucking man.

Well thank-you, thank-you very much…

And thank you too Monte… I know that was your order that just came in…


I didn’t intend to demean Lizard Lick. It is an awesome site and a god send to builders. True I didn’t contact him prior to posting this thread. I was going off of memory where he said he wouldn’t send shipments in a regular flat envelopes. And I mean like letter envelopes. Maybe he changed his policy but I didn’t mean it in a negative way. If I was running a business I wouldn’t stick orders in small, thin regular envelopes so I would in no way hold it against him.

and sorry, Chad, that wasn’t me. Even a padded envelope is too expensive for me. but hopefully I’ll be ordering a Seimitsu stick from you soon. <3<3<3<3 Lizard Lick

What kind of dust cover are you looking for(sanwa jlf/jlw, seimitsu, stock hori?) I might have some spare but I will have to check tomorrow. Pretty sure I can spare 20 .110 qd though. I can probably send you the dust cover(if I have some) and QD for like $2 or something.

JLF dust cover.

Hmmm… just a coincidence then, but a good example… JLF-CD + 70 .110’s to Ohio was $1.52 First Class, with delivery confirmation…


ive always gotten a shipping refund from chad of a decent amount and package always arrive within 2-3 shipping days.

Chad is a pleasure to deal with, he refunded me excess shipping (to my surprise). Class act business.

Echo that. Suuuuper nice guy!

found a seller feel free to close this thread.

and again never meant to diss lizard lick, that site is awesome and Chad provides an invaluable service to the community.