Close me sold

Show Dan some love!! I had a brand new hrap 3 lying around, so I decided to mod it. I added some of those pearl/cream Seimetsu and Pink meshball top(thanks will). I am going to include an pink bubbletop also. It is a lami-label, there is just one issue right under the control panel is a tiny tear. Check the pictures. Apart from that everything is brand new. ENJOY!! Please feel free to negotiate. BTW i have the original box and everything!!

awesome mod. no problem on the parts ! but what if your fingers go through the “extra” holes lol … maybe you should bondo that part.

I was going too but what if buyer decides to change template. Either I taped up the holes so it should take a decent beating.

Might I suggest getting a plexiglass cover to block off the holes?

arthong makes them as seen in this topic here =

It might be a good investment so that you don’t accidentally poke a hole and rip the artwork by some unfortunate mistake, It also protects the artwork in other means to prevent additional tearing from happening.

Would you ship to Canada?

I’d be very interested but I’d personally want those extra buttons :slight_smile: Maybe if you threw in a couple of the hori stock buttons to fill those spaces?

Anyway, let me know.

sure you can have all 8 horis actually, I have some stock Madcatz se buttons theyre at least white, and If I can find 2 yellow sanwas lying around ill throw em in.

There is actually someone else from Canada who was interested, I told him/her 220 shipped to Canada so whoever gets it first its thiers. Please Pm me if you want it and what buttons you would like. Thanks!!

Bump 200 shipped!

Sold close me