Close me

So basically I took this

And made this

I Dremeled 30mm holes into the frame, I bondo’d the start select buttons and moved it to the back for those extreme super hardcore. I painted the whole frame black, mounted a new jlf with green balltop w/ octo gate and brand new green sanwa buttons. I even put a custom dictator drawing by koogy, only thing is it says hak under the shadowloo logo its barely noticeable I didnt even see it when i got it printed. Sorry. The actual stick was brand spanking new. Thank phil for ascii stick, koogy for the drawing and I will form the head and together… Thanks for looking. BTW who ever wins gets to decide there choice of 360 or ps3 controller. I have both pcbs on hand so it shouldn’t take more than an afternoon.

Im in a great mood so 220

Bump 210

someone just get some puzzy?

I just realized Im not too happy with the art so Im going to redo it will be back shortly thanks

Redone and sold thanks pplz