Close me!!!!!!!!

So I modded an agetec I had lying around, I put all new sanwa buttons and joystick. Moved start and guide to the side. Painted it gold. I even put an headset jack on the top. There are a few imperfections in the paint but. It looks fairly decent and plays fine. BTW I put a 360 PCB in there.!!! 160 shipped.

Hot shit GL on the sale!!! someone should get this

Wow this stick would be perfect for a Zelda fan lol. Nice looking stick, GL with the sale.

Is this 24K? I have a golden gun just like this…

LOL at everyone above this^^^^^^^^

bumPPPP 160 please

Shit’s cash, man…

Weren’t you trying to sell the buttons already on that stick?

I’d totally buy it, but funds are low, and I can’t guarantee anything like last time… a darker shade of gold triforce NEEDS to be on that, though, haha.

Fixed it for you:

I’d buy it if that were really on there. But seriously someone should snag this one.

OMFG now that is an own stick.

Kyle = win. Hahahaha

Dude, I can’t rate you cuz I already rated someone else, seems like I gotta wait 24 hours. Don’t worry buddy, I got ya. :smiley:

But hakdizzle, I’d consider you putting triforce action on that stick… :smiley:

Sold… Thanks for looking. LOL “THE MASTER STICK”