Close me!!

The stick is totally white shat cover buttons and everything. I put stickers on to cover up the imperfection ie. Screw holes. The stick looks great. It is also dual modded ps3/360. There is just one thing not really an issue but in order to put console into ps3 mode have to hold home while plug it in but you have to do it twice, So you hold home plug it in unplug it still holding home and plug it in again. All the parts are also new!

There aren’t any screws there on that stick stock where your stickers are… curious why you say there were screw holes there then?

Otherwise beautiful stick, you shouldn’t sell it! I wouldn’t get rid of mine for the world :smiley:

its what you said lol its a just the metal paint w/ wholes bondoed but due to impatience didnt set properly.

Price bump 270.00

Good Mood Bump 260 or OBo. If you want a VSHG this is your chance remember is dualmodded and totally custom! PLUS if your local even bigger discount!


Pricce bump