Close mk xx genei

Ok, I cannot get this move down consistently after months of practice. I know some say doing :qcf: first helps but that’s too awkward for me, I’d rather do it the slightly smoother way of tiger-knee motion :mk: then :qcf: P to activate. How do you do it? From experimentation when I try :qcf: :uf: way moving the stick to the edges fully I succeed maybe 3% of the time…if that. But messing around in training this morning, I found that hitting :mk: while motioning :d: :uf: to SJ, :qcf: P I can get it around 60% of the time.

It baffles me b/c it doesn’t seem like i’m hitting the :df: :r: needed for the full super motion. Does the system just read in those 2 missing directions or am I inadvertently hitting them when I do the SJ? If it’s the latter then it explains why I still miss activation a lot of the time doing the 2nd (and much easier) method.

In case it matters, I’m using Hori’s Real Arcade Pro stick, so it’s the Jpn square base for the stick. I just hope the transition to an American stick at the arcade isn’t too much.

you can always close forward juggle with jab shoulderXXGJ then immediate short dragon kicks if you suck at the sjc.

oh and the directional system in 3S can be loose at times, you don’t have to be very exact with all motions.

how i learned was with akuma/ibuki learning how to tigerknee the super till i was as close i could get to the ground try practicing it that what i also did was stop trying it for awhile came back and i was able to do it every time