CLOSE (old and bumped accidentally)

BMI DVD’s = SOLD to DaMatik23
MvC3 Guide = SOLD to RoyalFlushTZ
Pink OBSF-30’s and a Pink ball top for a JLF. - Sold to nakadish
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition - XboX 360 Disc version - sold to supdawgs
BlazBlue CS - sold to glenburg89 (part of a trade + cash for his T5 stick)

Want to buy MvC3 guide! PM’ed.

Payment received from RoyalFlushTZ

MvC3 Guide = SOLD

PM’d about MVC2 Case!

Payment sent for MVC2 Case.

Confirmed - shipping later this week, updating post.

Dammit, wanted that mvc2 case ._.

Still got some stuff, and not to bash the purchase of legit materials, but you could make your self a case at kinkos.

Blah, I was really sick over my weekend, sunday to tuesday, shipped the stuff out today. sorry guys, I always do this…

Ok, updated with Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, and Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Plus, and buttons.

I’m also considering selling off my copy of SSF4AE for 360… only if someone wants it, cheaper than retail, but still gotta get my cash.

Are the buttons used? How much for shipping on the buttons and ball to 30066?

buttons sold ! - editing first post


Buttons and MvC3 (360) sold/shipped

meh… selling my disc version of SSF4AE - for 360… i just got the digital version and dont want the clutter of a non special edition disc.

hit me up ya’ll !

holy crap, someone paid 30 for AE from Lefty… and here I am selling mine for 25 ?..

c’mon lets get this stuff sold.

Updated post, AE (360) sold - shipping Tuesday ( I hope! )

I’m desperate for a grey 24mm plunger for sanwa ! - V3-SA’s have the buttons I want!

oh, and I still need 2k7 dvd’s from EVO.

Still selling off the rest of this stuff, any takers ? - dont like a price ? pm me, or trade me something

Changed the title, still selling the games, and dvd’s but now I’m also looking for some buttons and a fight stick shell.

Sold BB:CS as part of a trade.