And do you have the original box?


updated picture, with everything it includes.


Really no one?


pm sent


Free bump for an AMAZING deal. If I didn’t have two dual modded sticks myself, one being a Qanba, I’d snatch this up ASAP good luck man!


Wish I had the money for this…


Same here. I’m surprised it hasn’t been sold yet.


anyone have experience or know what’s going on with this guy? i paid him for the qanba over 3 days ago and haven’t heard a single word from him


Send him another email and a PM.


damn people bought this but didnt buy my Red Qanba :frowning: (Inb4 yesmaster and Maximiliano comments)


actually it wasnt taken apart it was just open before i took the pictures.Are you done now?


in the picture i posted i took it apart i opened it and removed the joystick so i can give people the choice between a sanwa joystick or a seimitsu and the Bottom of the stick was right next to it in the photo.Now go away


are you still going? do you just sit in the trading outlet all day?


i already did both before posting in this thread again… still nothing


pm replied, i apologize for the delay


WallyBear has backed out of this deal, up for sale again.
Heads up, I will be only able to ship this out this Friday, Wally didnt like this idea of waiting so long so that is why it is back up for sale