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WTB - Bat top from injustice fight stick (no damage)

also if you have the square gate from the injustice stick I would take that too

Please hit me with a reasonable price.



I have both parts, but these parts were used on my TE fight stick:
(Adapter is stuck inside, I’m not sure if it’s required on your fight stick)
Parts are both made by Sanwa…

That’s not from the injustice fight stick. Those are Sanwa parts.

Thanks anyways!


These are what the parts I am looking for look like btw

The bat top does look similar but it’s not the one I am looking for.

Both the parts I need are from the injustice fight stick (which is a piece of shit, so I am surprised no one has any they want to pass off)

Thanks again guys!!!

I tried…

I appreciate it. And technically it will fit on the Sanwa shaft, but the Injustice bat top is bigger, longer, and sits quite a bit lower on the shaft with the stock shaft.

Thank you though!

I hope you find what you’re looking for…

Have you tried contacting the PDP website and see if they would sell you those parts?

I think they outsource from China. I will get them eventually. Not in a huge rush. I had some before but I sold them, wanted to give them another shot.

bump. still looking.


biggety bump!

Where did all those injustice stick parts go! I know people aren’t using them =)

I would venture a guess that people probably need them when they put their stick on eBay or wherever they’re trying to sell it. I m with previous PDP and or qanba and see if they’ll sell you what you’re after.

Will try it. I got a bat top from w00p. Now I just need the square gate.

Let me know!!!


Ha. Crazy. PDP assumed I had a injustice stick when I called and they sent a free spare gate out to me (i think because they thought I owned one) (i sort of dodged the question)

Guess we’re even now for them selling me a fight pad i never used for $30


Free? Wow .I tried twice today to get a bat top through their online chat and never got a rep.maybe Ill try a ticket…

I just called their customer support #

They said it was an exception because it was a part in the repair box or something.

I filed a ticket and an email this morning wanting my address to ship me a new shaft cover and bat top. This works out .I like the pdp/qanba bat top more than a sanwa one. I wonder if one could score a stick case/housing this way lol.

I agree. I like the bat top better as well. It’s bigger, sits lower on the jlf shaft, and doesnt fuck with the actuator when screwed down tight.

You can close this.