Close please

Will wire any pcb for
$20 shipped back to you.( You must mail me the pad,
$6 for Sanwa Harness or free if you supply it.)
Please ensure that your pad is common ground and please research about your pad before mailing it to me. I dont do research about what you need, I will only wire what you ask me to.

Prices include shipping.

I have One Xbox 360 Ex2 pcb.
Will be wired and labeled $45 Bucks
Ex2 pad has green wires, Non common ground so ideal for Happs(.187)

$45 Bucks Shipped.

Closed for now

Nice Hozie. its good to see you hacking controllers for the masses on srk. if i get a pm about something you offer and im full on slots i will recommend them to you.

Thanks James. I am not trying to steal your customers. Just offering if anyone, is desperate for a pad.
I will soon just wire pads and post em for sale.

Update also on picture samples.

Thanks to all.

no no no im saying that if im full i will send customers your way =)

Alright I definately would like to get started on this. Pm me your shipping address and paypal so I can have kaytrim ship you the jlf pcb for the hack and send the payment. Again just to go over what I want:

wireless hack to a jlf joystick, with buttons wired to quick disconnects. Kaytrim has added a usb gender changer to the box he is building for me, so I will be using the play and charge functionality with the controller. Once your done, I’ll get you to ship the hack back to kaytrim, so he can add it to my stick.

I am going to be in and out today, so it might be tonight before I check the thread, so just pm me your info and the total and I’ll send the paypal tonight.


Here is the case that Stephen is talking about. I’d be interested in seeing how your pads look after hacking. Do you take off the thumb sticks? I don’t have much room in these cases. Actual height is 2" to 2 1/4" inside height is about 3/4" less. Looking at your pics again I see that you leave the thumb sticks on. We may run into a height issue. I know how to take off the thumb sticks and replace them with resistors. That would give a little more room to fit into the case.


Well, remember that in the wireless pad, the thumbstick housing will not matter.
Since in order to use the rechargeable features like in my picture above for a wireless pad I need to leave the housing on.

So the height of the plastic will take up about 2 in. and the lengh on the controller will be about 4 in. wide

I’ll work something out Jose. Taking off the thumb sticks will give us some room. I can also use a thinner material for the top and not loose too much structurally. This will also give me the chance to work out a system for wireless pads. I have had quite a few requests for them.


I just sent Kaytrim your address so he could send the pieces in the next few days. Let me know if you need anything else.



KrsJin’s Pad ready to go on Monday 28th.

im down for one… ive got a 360 wireless controller that the left stick isnt tight anymore… feels loose to me… everyone else that plays it says its ok but meh…

PM me, with what you want and all them dirty details. or hit me on AIM: is my AIM name

I know this is an interest check thread but, gota let others know, I’m really pleased with how professional and helpful Hozie was when helping me decide details on the pad.

Made a few changes. I will only do services for folks who will mail me a pad, occassionally I will post pads up for sale, hopefully a reasonable price eh.

I will be having PSX DS pads too.

Remember folks this is optional as I am not here to force anyone to buy from me.

hozie does great work. dont hesitate for your padhacking needs.

Dammit! I was hoping you were a little closer to the LA region to bypass the shipping (even though it’s not a whole lot). I’ll keep you in mind if I decide to move foward with a 360 pad.

Good prices and your work looks very neat.
Good luck mate.


Hello folks this week I am working on about 4 pads. I am also waiting on tips and harnesses to come in the mail. If you PMS me be patient. I should be ready to take on more next week or so. If you want anything other than 360 you will have to mail me your pad. See ya soon.

hey hozie. i was curiouse if you could do me a wireless 360 pad… but i want it hooked up to a perfect 360 happ joystick…

cause i would have no idea how to do one.

Having some Internet access problems so not taking orders at the moment, plus waiting for darn harnesses and some wireless controllers to come in the mail.