Close please


Now selling JUST THE CASE and face buttons. $235 shipped OBO. Has a small scratch on one side. Is very heavy and dense, and the finish is the best I’ve ever seen.


beautiful case , good luck with the sale.


great stick … tmo is amazing
good luck with the sales!

btw. im assuming this is from norris arcades? i dont see the TMO logo


Oh gosh, this is one of the rare times I see Norris Sticks’ true beauty. That case looks AMAZING. I’m interested except I’m flat broke and Norris sticks are REALLY expensive (the quality explains why).

Questions tho:

  • Could you tell me where the art is from?
  • I know TMO = Norris but… what does TMO mean O_o?


not exactly sure my self =T

i just know his name is TIM lol


TMO is short for Timoe, which is like his nickname or something.


Art is from a Magic the Gathering card Reiterate


Just wanted to chime in with everyone else and say that is a really nice piece of work you are selling there. Pictures just don’t do those wooden cases justice.




Knubbe, I’ve seen you with so many TMO cases. :smiley:
Still loving mine! :smiley:


I actually love this one. Just need the money =\


price bump






damn you knubbe…if only i hadnt bought the other tmo dual mod i picked up from you!!!..stupid economy :stuck_out_tongue:

GL with sale…shes a beauty :smiley:


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