Close Please!


I am looking for a **Goldfinger **cartridge for the PS1.

(like this)

I had one a long time ago and am now regretting getting rid of it since I didn’t realize how damn hard they are to find anywhere. I’m willing to pay $15 (shipped) for one if anyone manages to have one in good shape (package prefered).

PM me with Paypal info if interested.


Wow, how nostalgic. If I tried to look really hard I’m sure I could find this somewhere in my closet or garage. But you might be interested in getting it new here instead:

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the link. I had looked at that page, but was looking for something a bit more official. I am, however, looking at something on eBay at the moment.


Just wondering what this is out of curioustiy


Basically its an Action Replay for the original PS that allowed you to use gameshark codes, generate your own GS codes, play imports and backups, and a few other things such as a file explorer that let you play music and video files from PSone games.

There were also like 10 different brands of them. I had one called a zippy replay that I bought from a blockbuster of all places.


They were better than the disc Gamesharks too, as you could store codes directly on it rather than a Memory Card - and you could switch it on/off.

Needed to switch it off for a few games’ debug rooms, or you couldn’t return to the main game if the code was left active.


Man this brings back memories of disc swapping, springs and playing with my ps1 lid open.
Good luck in your search.


Since these are the people who make the thing, I’d assume it’s pretty official. There was also a random forum post some time late 2008 that seemed to verify having ordered from the site. Not much to lose at under $10 for one. :wink:


Good point, but I found one on eBay and have bid on it. I really appreciate the help, though.