Close Please

Close Please

Shrimpnoodles sold me his stick

thanks for the offers though guys and dolls


you must not have seen my post ni the trading forum.
I have just what your looking for, for a good price.

I’ll ship to UK no Problem
you would have to have it modded yourself though

Sorry man I was looking to get hold of a pre-modded one with an MC Cthulhu not a regular PS3 one

My modding skills aren’t that high so I dont want to risk ruining equipment

Thanks for getting in touch though :slight_smile:

Shameless bump =[

can’t see this working

PM’d Mr Nannie

they sell 360 TEs IIRC

they dual mod and RJ-45 mod. contact them to see what you can do. they can probably send you exactly what you’re looking for

I had a look on there and with the postage (both ways)

it would be well out of my price range… =[

ah, ok.

why both ways? they have 360 TE sticks to sell

What is your price range? I can look at how much it would cost me to do it and how much shipping would be and I’ll let you know if I can do it.

I searched the site but the only TE stuff i could find was the modding service and a PCB :S

I’m not sure… around the $200 mark? is that a fair price im not too sure?

Postage is gonna be a killer…damn me and my British citizenship

I recommend you call them. too late now (you should’ve done so before…) but yeah, try calling tomorrow.

I can do it for $225 USD plus shipping with just a usb cable. Can add other console cables for $10 each.

I’ve got something similar, but it uses a db9 connector with end pieces for the consoles. It has original sanwa parts and has been used very little.

Close Please

Shrimpnoodles sold me his

thanks for the offers though guys and dolls