close plz

close plz

bump Wii sold
joystick still for sale.

forgot it’s all Sanwa parts jlf stick

lower to 140 shiiped 48 states

final price drop 125 shipped 48 states


so this is a hrap3??

looks like hrap2. with mc cthulhu?

if it is, i called dibs. now i hope it is!!!

it has mc cthulhu board in it. i don’t know if its harp2 or 3 you can pm DevilsFang to find out

its a tekken 5 stick if it was a harp 1 woulda had a turbo panel

Uh, it’s also got a plexi-cover with custom art underneath it. There could be a hole where the turbo panel used to be, and you just can’t see it.

thats what i was thinking too. can you show more pics? maybe of the cable outputs?? does it use a ps2 controler cable or the usb cable?? im highly interested!!

Here are some pic of cable

I’m really surprised this hasn’t sold yet.

I really surprised its up for sale :frowning:

@rapturedj I answered your pm!

ya i need cash now, just bought a car. so i sold my Wii to pay off some CC bills.

it does have plexi correct? and what button is used for the guide button? and does it come with the original box?

press start & select as the home button, yes got plexi on top.
no original box i didn’t get one from DevilsFang

Well I agree. car > stick

This is really a killer deal. Anyone who takes the time to add up the cost of the parts in this stick will see it is a steal.

PS2 and Original Xbox support can easily and cheaply be added. Plus, a 360 PCB can be added to the MC-Chuthulu for native 360 support.

Good luck with the sale :tup: