Close S.Fierce -> S.LP -> C.MK?

Never seen another T.Hawk Player use this. I’m not sure if this was already mentioned, but I just discovered for myself this link right now and I thought I’d share it. It’s a pretty tight link, I think it’s 2 frames, but it does good damage (226). It’s also possible off Close S.Roundhouse, but I think it’s a 1 frame link, and plus with the hitbox being so high, it will whiff on so many characters after a crossup splash, so it’s basically useless.

I usually like Jab better because of the counter hit opportunitys. What sucks is that you cant link it at max range

Disregard last post. The drop window for edit post is the worst idea ever- I dont do Close feirce because the spacing is so specific by the time you ARE that close you will never practically link that unless after a splash or something

Better link.

Close s. Fierce > s. strong.

220 damage. Works on most characters

I am doing this link (at least I think I am) and I keep getting 253, not 220.

253 Is the counter-hit damage.

Think you have the Counter-hit option still enabled.