Close (s)mk demon flip cross up

So I’m new to SRK forums and will probably get told that i should have put this in another thread but w/e. I’m a Gouken player and loving him so far.

         I was just messing around today looking for more reliable demon flip cross up set-ups and found that close mk worked like a charm.

     Just cancel into light demon flip kick from with a slight pause and you will cross them up. 

Also you can demon flip grab and slide on the correct side should you decide to mix them up.

1: lets say you’re rushing down someone with repeated (s)fp into light demon flip kicks. if you do this about twice and they will catch on and punish but if you go to the mk the second time you should usually get a cross up and make them pay. This will make them think twice about blocking this rush down and be more likely to try and punish right away allowing a free air parry into a nice combo.

2: change up those blockstrings from blocked j.fp/rh’s into the mk demon flip cancel and possibly get a nice combo from a flustered opponent expecting 3x.lp into lk.hado

I probably sound pretty stupid and will get alot of “well no shit sherlock we all knew that” but i haven’t seen this talked about on any other threads and it helped my game alot. hope this helps people get in those mix up’s!


Heh, usually I find that people discover that they can bust a s.fp to begin with so I hardly get to the demon flip mixup through that method.

@reasoned. well what im talking about is that the (s).fp doesnt lead to the cross up but to the normal demon flip mix up game. the thing with the ©.mk into lk.demon flip kick is that it crosses up anywhere and can help you’re rush down game as well.