Close into gene-jin?

I’ve seen in a few video some yun players can activate gene-jin after a close, which is the kick that launches the opponent otg. I’ve tried that and nothing comes out after the kick. I’ve tried other methods and nothing comes out but super jumps. Is there a way which i dont no?

Do it fast or try using negative edge. It’s not as useful as the lp, lk, mp string.

It’s a SJ cancel. 2362369+P

make sure you spin the stick hella fast to practice the tigerknee pick ibuki or akuma sa1 and trying do the super jump super with them fast you can till you’re reall low to the ground when you do it then just do it with yun

Actually s.MK xx GJ is the most damaging way to combo into Genei-Jin.

and your advice on s.MK xx GJ was wrong :rolleyes:

yah should’ve used chun’s close HK sjc SA as an example. Twelve can sjc his SAII off a standing MK but he actually is in the air during the sjc so it’s a little different.

twelve isn’t a true superjump cancel. sj cancel keeps you on the ground.
you can try, d, df, f, n, mk, d, df, f, uf+p. It’s easy, like super trubo cancel.

had to edit my post cause i realized how much i fucked it up i meant do akuma and ibuki’s instant supers qcf,qcf uf till y ou can do it fast enough that you’re really low to the ground then just press mk with yun and do it as soon as you press the button

ibuki can sjc her saII and III off a far standing roundhouse, similar to Yun sjc SAIII. But it doesn’t really matter, it’s all the same motion for Ibuki, Chun, Gouki, Yun/Yang, and Twelve for the sjc.

does everyone find this super jump cancel way harder than chuns? i can do chun’s hk to super II pretty much no problem but this one i don’t think i’ve ever got to work. I mean yun will go into genei jin super early right? all i get is jump up punch, nothing, or a pretty late genei jin which i don’t think is super cancelled so much as linked.

you might not be doing it fast enough do it as soon as you press chun has some lee way on hers making it easy to hit confirm

ya, yuns should be done fast, that’s why the short-cut works so well.
I should say that lately I’ve just been bating tech-hit throws with Yun, then punishing with stand middle into GJ. I win way quicker that way!

Why are people so scared of Yun? This questions perplexes me, people just run-away from me, I never get to play against rush down…even ken and ryu players run from me, and they never win…Any body else have this problem???

ok so i think maybe i am doing it right after all. when i do it yun pop kicks then a short time later genei jin comes out and i can land a to whatever the hell i feel like doing (usually palm,,, palm…). does this sound right? or am i just barely landing that off a linked genei jin? either way the damage off mk pop is amazingly better than off his chain combo.

you’re not doing it right soon as the kick hits it should cancel into genei jin and you can do hop kicks right after it seen here

btw the damage is alot more cause theres no moves to buffer it,its just hop kicks and palms besides the ender

ok i guess i just suck. i can’t do it for the life of me. i’m guessing that video shows the first time those guys had seen it done. pyrolee is awesome.

naw its not the first time they seen it done its just how it was done

oh the little walk under makoto setup. doesn’t seem quite as amazing as the one guy made it sound. was that arlieth himself saying “oh my god!”?

yea that sounds like him i think hes saying it cause he did j.rh on the way up

you don’t have to canel into GJ if you hit it anti air. Just do it after the recovers, then s.strong or jab rush punch, hopkick will wiff however.

the alternate (easier imo) method to do it is to buffer one qcf before you do the close st. forward, then tiger knee with punch right after the st. forward. it doesn’t have to be done as fast as the other way, but still done quickly. try it!

looks like this: qcf, mk, tiger knee motion + punch

btw about arlieth saying omg: he missed his ex axe kick.