Close s.MP xx Ultra 2

xD Sorry, i accidentally posted c.MP xx ultra 2. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction or give me some helpful pointers for me and all the other Cody players to do s.MP xx Ultra 2. I’m new to forums a bit and tried to search it myself, but failed miserably. I was hoping that if anyone could put some pointers down for how they time it visually ( By looking at what cody or other characters do if s.MP connects.)?

You do know it only works on counter hit only right? That would be my first tip :wink:

As for timing, as fast as you possibly can!

I think i’ve gotten it to work on Non Counter hit. But its ridiculously Hard

Yes, It can be done without a counter hit actually, and it does deal over 400 damage and can be done off c.LP xx close s.MP xx ultra 2, or f.MP xx close s.MP xx Ultra and it can be done off of any set up that has close s.MP in it, which is a 1 frame link, but It can provide a plethora of comebacks and clutch matches if a Cody player were to find a consistent way of doing that ultra set up based on perhaps how it looks when it hits or the timing itself. :smiley: hopefully, one of us can find it out.

I know how the character will look when the ultra is going to connect (with Ryu anyways)
If they get knocked backwards a.k.a ryu’s head flings back. when the ultra is coming out. His hand will be where his head is if it hits and in perfect view to see the whole hand. If you can barely see the hand or can’t see it at all. It didnt combo.
If Ryu’s head is going downwards towards Cody.
when u do ultra he’ll sorta be at cody’s breast still going downward.

Unno how helpful this will be. But thats when I noticed it Combo’d

max range f+mp is easy as hell to link into u2, close is 1 frame, meaty s.fp is super easy to link.

I’m just curious, but does f.MP always link to U2, no matter how far or close? into U2. Un-plinkable 1 frame link with a hugely punishable ultra.

So, yeah. Good luck with that.

No only from around max range, but doesnt have to be max range.

Actually, you might be able to plink ultra with light kick. Lol I’ve done it a few times, but its more so finding the time to hit the link before i can say the plink works. xD

Oh, and does f+mp have to be counter hit? I feel it has to be counter hit to go into ultra 2.

You could always b-link it, if you want to rewire your joystick…

I don’t think so, unless maybe you’re doing f+mp from very close range. From max, or just further range, you get a pretty crazy frame advantage from f+mp, and with the ridiculously quick start up of U2, it should connect…

Okay, call me crazy but i may have a theory to p-link the ultra 2 with light kick without having the throw come out to void the plink. If you p-link the three punches with light kick, you’ll only get one input instead of two due to the fact that being grounded your doing ultra then immediate grab, BUT if you do it by doing your ultra with 236236(9) you void the throw with a PJC, i think it is called, and get the regular punch buttons again.

Yes, this does work actually, interesting. It makes the link feel a lot easier. : D please someone challenge this, so i don’t have to feel stupid for finding something weird like this. xD