Close st. mp > zenpou

I see Pyrolee and KO do this alot:

On opponents wake up, do close st. mp that whiffs then cancel into command throw. It always seems to work like a charm when they do it, but whenever i use it, i just get thrown or something. Am i doing something wrong/missing something here? What is the strategy or “point” of this technique? Only thing i can think of is that the st. strong will cause the opponent to react with a block on wakeup, then you can zenpou them while they’re blocking.

Fake out is the only thing that comes to mind when they do it dunno if theres anything more to it.

While we’re on the subject of the command grab, I’m just wondering what the differences are when using lk, mk, hk?

whiff close builds meter crazy fast too

st. mp moves you farward a little bit = to come closer to opponent = to be within the command grab range.

You should execute hcb and drum all kick buttons piano style right after pushing st. mp (buffer)

I usually do it in a corner when the opponent is a bit farther away than my command grab range after they fall.