Close Standing MK, after command grab

I have a lot of trouble to get this close standing MK to work after the 63214+P command grab.
Most of the time i have to approach a little bit after the command grab and release forward direction, then input the close standing MK.
Whereas, in some video, pro’s do not seem to have difficulty to pop the opponent in the air after the command grab with that close standing MK…cause they do not seem to approach a bit after the command grab, is there a kara something here?

Some chars you have to walk up on.

You can command grab right into a close St.MK on Chun.

thx gonna check this.

In many cases, it’s not even worth it. Free 123GJ is better than anyway.

I think he means while GJ is activated.

Just to sidetrack this thread…

lp,lk,mpXXGJ, mp, f+fp, [f+mkx2, palm]x2, rh.dp, lp.shoulder, f+fp, lp.lunge punch = 116 damage on Akuma, 96 on Ryu & Makoto

st.mkXXsjc.GJ, palm, [f+mkx2, palm]x2, rh.dp, lp.shoulder, f+fp, lp.lunge punch = 132 damage on Akuma, 106 on Ryu, 110 on Makoto

If you can pull off the cancel consistantly, go for it. 10-16 extra points of free damage is always good. Not to mention the range on Yun’s close is a lot better than his close st.lp.

And most of the time, you won’t be able to land targetXXGJ if you parry a jump-in. cancel > lp,lk,mp.

what do you mean by “ cancel”???!!

@#5 : yes i meant when GJ is activated.

    • don’t even worry about it yet

He’s talking about Super Jump Canceling the close St.MK into GJ, Because you can cancel a close St.MK with a super jump. Try it, just Close St.MK xx down,up.

This is how chuns get in a few more after SA2, they cancel the last hit with a sj.

OK thx.

In that case parry person has the right idea, walk up to the guy and show’em no mercy. :tup:

SJ after the last hit of Chun’s SA2 and SJ cancelling into GJ are on like two different tiers of difficulty, if you’ve never done them before…if you want to practice out the kind of SJC strakka was talking about, pick Chun SA2 and press HK close up. To SJC, you have to do the motion of the super art BEFORE Chun actually SJs.

*edit, was tryin to explain it to him, if u thought otherwise :tup:

I wasen’t talking about that. I was just showing him what a SJC was in the most easy way possible, and yes, I have done them both, and yes, thats right, the timing is insane on the SJC into SA’s.