(CLOSE THREAD) Multiple Namco stock arcade parts and Sanwa Buttons


Hey Srk folks and do’ers,
I recently did a couple of dual mod projects on 2 Namco sticks and completely modified everything except the shell and I have the original stock parts, including the pcb which were desoldered apart from the controller. I also have 6 Sanwa 24mm Snap in buttons, brand new in package.
Namco stock parts will be sold in sets:(1x Stock Stick, 1x Yellow Balltop, 6x Buttons) = SOLD)
Namco PCB and wire for Playstation 1/2: SOLD
Buy all two sets and PCB with it: SOLD
Sanwa Buttons 24mm: $15 shipped




Bump thread.




id like the pcb and wire if its still available


I’ll take a namco stock set!


sorry for the delay =/ sending paypal payment now


All namco parts sold! Sanwa 24mm are still up.


pm’d on the 24mm sanwas


Everything gone! PLease close mod!