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hey guys i worked on this for a minute…im sure i rambled and its poorly written so feel free to leave constructive criticism

i wrote it with the casual gamer in mind, not necessarily a fighting game person but someone on the fringe of the community.

edit: THE TLDR Version: Evo was great


While there are some good points, it is pretty much TL:DR and tends to ramble alot.

P.S. We’re hardly at the point of “supersaturation.” Most new releases are either sequels or updates, we’ve yet to get to the point where everyone and their mother is putting out one mediocre game after another.


why in the name of god are people crying market saturation, seriously it piss me off, god forbid having variety :rolleyes:


It is rambling unfortunately, and poorly written. I can’t finish it sorry. I guess that’s my constructive criticism.

Edit: Okay I finished it. It was a chore, you tend to bluster instead of being objective and articulate. What is probably informed opinion ends up sounding like baseless conclusions (e.g. your words about E3 and MLG, regardless that I essentially agree with you). The nebulously, terribly defined “hardcore vs. casual” bullshit is the crux of your gigantic article but why are you taking it for granted that they will be understood? I assure you, some people will look at the games you have cited and mentally file you as “casual”. I believe people misuse these terms so they can self identify with a particular clique and well, hate on other people. It’s almost the essence of part of your article though, so I guess I hate it for reasons besides it being rambling.

Evo is pretty great though.


thanks for the input