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Thank you!

Dibs on virtua stick

interested in the namco stick sending you a pm

Both responded to.

ill take the semitsu stick do u have a spare set of buttons ud also like to sell?

Pm sent

The Seimitsu stick has already been claimed and I’m just waiting for payment. I do have some buttons for sale, but I need to get them out and pictures taken. They are like the OBSF-30, but the higher grade version (sorry, forgot the item #). I have six in blue + a matching blue ball top.

Please check the first post for what has been claimed and paid for.

cool will that fit a tekken anniversary stick if so ill take them

They will fit, but you’ll need to modify the stick in order to use them. Please check the Tech Talk section for more information about this.

pm’d for hori and pink jlf

price on buttons?

PM sent.

Namco Stick wanted. Please check pm.


So wiht the 360 mas stick, is it possible to use it on a DC? I’m pretty new to all of this.

i would also like the pink balltop sanwa can u give me a total price on buttons and stick please so i can make payment thnx

I’ll try to get in contact with everyone who wanted to get the Namco stick. The P360 MAS can be used on a DC with the proper converter. I used an Innovation, but I already rid of the converter. I’m not 100%, but the Total Control PS -> DC should also map the buttons properly for the MAS. Also, for people with interest in both the Namco and replacement set, are you interested in getting the replacement set if the Namco is sold? Let me know, thanks.

Bump. I updated the first post with who’s got what on hold and some new stuff up for sale.

PM sent

bump for updates on availability

Hey, ajs.

I’m interested to buy JLF’s green top

PM send.