close thread please.

Yeah… I don’t want to get SRK banned. Sorry! :xeye:

can any of your characters shoryuken?

If so I’ll give you 2 wins, 1 loss and a double K.O for it.

Price dropped to 550$. Still negotiable. :smile:

it goes against the Wow EULA to sell your wow account. which means its illegal to sell. i dont know if the mods inforce this but just a heads up its illegal.

Yah, I know… :shake:. But if the mods have a problem with it, I apologize for it and won’t be offended if this thread was closed/deleted.

LOL that’s alot of dough for all that wasted time. I gave my old account away because to me it wasnt about what I had, but there was about a month left on the clock and didnt want to waste that lol.

Yeah, I know it’s up there… but I’ve seen accounts with less stuff and a higher price. I got an offer from a site for 180$, but I knew they would just sell it back to someone for 600’$ or more. My price considers not only the time (15$'s per month) and quality put into the characters, but the money put into the two games. WoW and Burning Crusade are about 50-60 total. So when I combine that with putting at least 20 months of playtime into it (650 total), I really lose money by selling it for anything less. To be completely honest, I’d be happy if I sold it for 450. I’m done with the game and I’m ready to move on to more important things… like buying a house and starting a family or something. :rofl:

Jesus not to derail the thread, but i’d sell my char for 500 if that’s the going rate nowadays — he has gladiator mounts too :smiley:

Make your own thread.

LOL you’re trying to get your money back from buying the games. That’s not cool. If everyone thought like that, then all games online would be more than 100 bucks a pop.

Stop trolling/baiting. I want to sell my account and I’m very open to offers and negotiation. If you’re not interested or have no business with that then please gtfo.

Nigga you gay.

It’s fine when someone comes and makes a comment saying “Wow, that’s a good deal. I’d buy it if i had the dough.”. But when someone says something you don’t like, its’s “You’re trolling, say something that’ll make my dick hard or get the fuck out.”

I like how before you were cool with my criticism and then flipped it like something happened to you that changed your attitude. So anyway I’m still cool with it because of two reasons. One, this is a fighting game forum so it’ll never sell. Two, you can’t really take it anywhere else because it’s really against the rules.

Troll on that.

Whether I like what you say really has nothing to do with this thread. Thing is, you came in here with LOL U WASTED TIME U TRY MAKE MONIES WHILE I R GIVE MINEZ AWAY and I shrugged it off at first. I explained why I came up with the price that I did because your tone implied that it was not worth the price. Then you came back with more LOL criticism about how I shouldn’t put a price on the games that I bought. This easily spells “I’m gonna go in this guys thread and rip shit up cause I’m so awesome on SRK and have nothing better to do!” Really, what do you expect me to think?