Close thread please

No problems whatsoever but, I’ll test it out before shipment since I haven’t used it for a while. $160 shipped or best offer.



Awesome Plenair artwork, I wish the best of luck, this is an excellent looking deal, but I already have a Custom HRAP1.

I hope whoever manages to get this treats it well, it’s a great stick.

Bump, price reduced!

I might have bought this if I didn’t JUST put in an order for a custom stick hahaha.

I wish you luck though, it does look pretty nice.

would you sell it without the buttons and the stick?

just got a new set of buttons and stick and looking for pcb/case

I may be able to do that after a few days. Someone else already pm’d me about trying to do that so let me know in a pm how much you want to offer for just the hrap2 and no sanwas.

yo mcginnis, i just pmed you. please let me know. thanks bruddah.

yo how did you do that art dude that shit looks so clean

I work in a small sign company and used some vinyl material that we use for vehicle wraps. I’d say the vinyl itself is worth close to $90 but, I’m not charging for that. :rofl: It should last a couple of years without any fading at all.

I pm’d everyone who messaged me and am awaiting payment at the moment.

damn thats too much for me:looney: oh well:wasted:

so its pretty much sold? : /

I’m awaiting payment, I would say it’s only sold when I have that since buyers back out some times. I’ll let everyone know if it’s still for sale or has sold in a day or two which should give enough time for the buyer to send payment.

Well if that dosen’t go through for some odd reason, PM me a price your looking for, for the pcb and case alone.

Love the artwork and with how busy I’ve been lately, no time to make my own such creation : (

It’s still for sale. I sent a message to the probable buyer and so far I haven’t heard back. There is still a few other buyers that want to buy the stick as a whole so they take preference first and I’ll let you know how that goes.

hmm. Aye man is this for the 360? if so i’ll buy it for about 150 shipped

It’s for ps2, sorry.


I might buy this stick if it’s still unsold. By the way, is shipping only to the US?

so far it’s still for sale but, US buyers are preferred.

slightly reduced priced. I will more than likely not be lowering the price anymore so if I get no interests for the stick as a whole I will begin trying to make negotiations with those people who wanted the sanwa parts taken out.