Close thread pls

close thread pls

Put me on the list for one, although is it possible to have GC and DC on there as well?

I can add a GC to the board on a different cord but no DC support.

i want one!!!

Sounds good to me, put me on for one!

If this is going to be a MC Chthulu/360 pad setup … I’m in for 2. :lovin:

I’m having a hard time visualizing this. So you’d have basically a cthulu that works with 360 also, that comes with QD’s for the buttons and a usb cable is included?

I might be building a third stick because of this…

Yea, I can do the MC version, it will of course cost more since the controller chip thingie cost more. It will be the extra actual cost of the MC chip.

Right, so like now, if you want a dual 360/ps3 stick, you need to have a toggle switch to switch between the systems. With this, hopefully, you won’t need to have that extra toggle. It will default to ps3 mode, to activate the 360 mode, Toodles said you would need to hold down the guide button while you plug in the usb to the 360.

I am offering the service to wire everything up for you so all you need to do is get a box with parts and plug QDs into the corresponding buttons.

It still have both a cthulhu and a madcatz cg pcb. It’s just to eliminate the toggle switch. I’m thinking this is useful for people who buys Norris arcade sticks or plan to mod stock stick without too much modification to the case itself.

I’ll probably opt for one MC based combo since I have a HRAP1 that I would like to keep PS2 compatibility and one of the new chip/combo that was posted in the MC thread/linked that is being made for this project for a Hori US T5 stick I have lying around.

The MC will require a DPDT switch, right? I can do basic soldering but pad hacking is something I’d rather stay away from. :smiley:

Definitely in.

No, the whole point of the chip is to eliminate the switch needed right now for dual 360/ps3. In your case, it would be 360/ps3/psx with 2 cords. One usb for the 360/ps3 and one for the psx.

Like I said in the cthulhu thread, I’m in for just the miniboard.

I have a MadCatz 4716 coming my way in a couple days and an assembled Cthulu from LL coming whenever it’s shipped. Could I get a slot at reduced cost if I sent it to you when I received both of them?

Dammit, I just sent you a couple hundred dollars and now you are making me want to send you even more.

You got it!

Sure thing but I’m not sure when or if this is going to happen. If I can’t get enough orders then we are no go.

Haha, I don’t mind =)

hey, im interested in this would you be able to ship to australia?


Just let me know when to send the money.

PC compatible right?

I am in for a dual 360/PS3. I can pick up in the Bay Area as well =)