I have a question can you do custom stuff like a full size two player panel for an arcade cab? I have one right now that has a control panel set up for guns but I’ve converted it into a MVC2 cab but the panel needs to be replaced for fighters. Or can you cut holes in a panel I already have that would work also?

This guys doesn’t make those, he just happens to have some from the guy who used to make them…

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@Rugedman - Qweets is right, I’m just selling some cases I bought, I didn’t make them. If you’re interested in CNC aluminum work, send a PM to NHTran328, he might be able to help you.

UPDATE: the blue case is on hold pending payment.

UPDATE: new pics added, and the silver case is on hold pending payment.

Great deal on these cases

UPDATE: blue case is SOLD! Shipped this afternoon.

PM sent for the red one.

All PMs answered.

UPDATE: Red case is sold, too. That leaves the silver/plain aluminum which is still on hold pending payment.


i were just to pay u…

You snooze, you lose =( I didn’t buy it, but wish I had!

I know that, but the case was on hold for me. Told the seller will pay him Friday or Monday. But now its done.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, meus. Your last PM to me:

Re: Will red red case.

Hi James,

Please hold the case for me until Friday when i get pay from my work.

Can u please send me ur PP.


I wouldn’t usually post a PM, but there wasn’t anything particularly private about that message. You sent me that message on June 9th, and you didn’t mention anything about Monday; maybe you meant to, but you didn’t say Monday, you said Friday. Friday passed, no message from you. I figured no problem, I’ll wait a couple of days. I didn’t hear from you Saturday, Sunday, and MOST of Monday. I sent you a PM on Monday asking if you were still interested, and I didn’t get a response until minutes after I updated this thread. If you intended to pay for the case on Monday, you should have told me some time between Friday and Monday when you didn’t make the original deadline and I would’ve held it a bit longer. I already told you I’m sorry man, but I also told you I need this money to pay an outstanding bill, and I can’t wait around on a maybe. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

Its ok Blood u had to do what is best for u. No hard feelings man, all good man. Next time i will be more clear.

UPDATE: all cases sold; still pending the remaining balance on the plain aluminum/silver case. Thanks to the buyers and SRK. PLEASE CLOSE THE THREAD, MODS.