Have a giftcard with $324 on it. Looking for around $315 or best offer. Can email or ship the card.


The best thing you can do with a BB GC is go into the store and turn it into an amazon GC…


I dont think you’re allowed to buy gift cards with giftcards, but it has Been awhile aince I worked retail, rules might’ve changed


also try i’ve used it twice.
you can turn it into cash and get paid via paypal instantly.


I did it a few weeks ago before Evo. Cashier didn’t give me shit for it. Had $100 saved up, finally decided to use it.


Hahha great info! I’ll give those a shot. :slight_smile: Still up for sale just in case tho.


you could go to best buy and see if you can catch anyone buying a TV or something and offer to exchange the gift card for the cash while you are there. ive done it before, although admittedly it was only for a tenner lol.


lol someone suggested a real good idea to trade it at bbuy for a visa giftcard. I did that. Please close thread. :slight_smile: Thanks everyone!!