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Well, decided to try my luck and tossed this on fleabay. There’s 4 Days left and right now it’s at $95. And don’t tell me anything about the description, I know that here on SRK everyone would know just by the title but I have been around ebay enough to know that buyers are ignorant and would ask me about the stuff I don’t put in. :bgrin:

Ha, forgot the link. :sweat:

Last day, really good price right now.

Shhh… Don’t tell anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Last 2 hours

I would get this just for the art, if the shipping wasn’t 32 dollars and I didn’t have an Hrap :frowning:
I don’t want to see this arcade stick end at 112 dollars. Somebody bid higher!

I can do a special if any SRKer wins it.

Aw man, I just missed it :frowning:


Hey, mcginnis, what’ll shipping to Canada be? Once I know that, I’ll pay.


Close Thread, the guy who won it is in Canada after I only put shipment to the US. I’ll see what happens.

you can filter this out as you set up your auctions that way only US can bid. just fyi if you go through usps they wont track this item to canada so if they dispute on paypal it’s instant fail.

That happen to me too, its a fucking pain this happens…

Gonna have to look into that. I already sent a cancel request and he agreed to cancel. I don’t know when I’ll put this up on ebay again.

Its not worth it man, you get raped by ebay fees, just when your ass is recovering from that, paypal rapes you too…You’re getting DP up the ass…Best do it local or maybe change the artwork & put something generic SFIV…Maybe you get more buyers that way…

Yeah, once gmail quits being a bastard and let me read my email, I’ll accept the cancel. Damn nice stick, though.

Just may but, taking that off is a pain since I have to use a heat gun and glue remover. I may try SRK one more time before giving that a go. Thanks for the advice.