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**PRICE DROP! $145 for Stick, $155 for new art, $120 for stick with no arcade parts (buttons, joystick)
Well…due to a bidder who couldn’t read my auction listing that I only ship to US, I’m still in possession of this hrap2.

original hrap2


Now, a few users have made me aware that this artwork isn’t working for them so I have a new proposition. If you want the stick by itself (unchanged) the price is $165.

I can switch out the art to ANYTHING you want but, that will be $180 and you would have to give me a few more days to get it up to snuff. Any 8x13 pic would do assuming it’s a pretty good resolution 200dpi or higher, 300dpi preferred. I’ll show you what it would look like by placing it on my template. For example, this is what I used for the original artwork that’s on it right now. Take note that I will trim around the template and the buttons so don’t pick a picture that is all on the right side since you’ll lose a lot of it due to the buttons.



Both prices are shipped in the US ONLY, please. Both prices are best offer as well and I can take trades. Right now I’m mostly looking for RE5, so if you get that I can take off $40-50 depending on the condition. Pm or post if interested. I really don’t want to put this up on ebay again because the fees are insane.


can you do this for the hrap1 layout?


Is it possible to remove the art and keep the original faceplate? I was assuming the artwork was laminated and adhesive was used to stick it on top of the original faceplate. If so, would a lot of residue be left?


I have to ask:
Could I get the psd file or whatever image file for the artwork? I absolutely love Pleinair.



I don’t have it in high resolution anymore. Pretty sure you could find it with a quick google search since that’s how I found it if I remember correctly.

I’m not looking to get in the business of putting custom art. There are already people for that here and besides I would be using my work to do this so I don’t want to take advantage of them.

It’s possible, but more than likely it’ll be rough looking because of the amount of work it’ll take to remove. It will be smooth, but it won’t be mint condition. I know that from the first time I removed this vinyl from my other hrap2 so I don’t see this being any different.


I think I’ll pass then, but thanks for the quick response


price drop




I’ll take you up on this offer for the stick and original art at 145. But are the stick and buttons stock? Regardless, I will buy it, but just wanted that question answered.

Edit: Wow. I am silly tired today. The answer was in the title. Anyway, sending payment to you.


pm’d you


sold, please close thread now. Thanks