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Anyone have a Xbox 360 console they want to sell? I am looking for a Arcade Bundle with a manufacture date anytime during 2009 or late 2008. Name your price Shipped.

  • Justin


at the end of the month the elites will drop a 100 to 300:) just incase you didn’t know


i have one its arcade not bundle with jasper chip manufactor on 06/07/09 but cant sell until 29 i think lmk




Dont have a arcade bundle but i do have a xbox 360 with 20gb hdd and kofxii/sf4/blazblue…Im lookin to trade it for a ps3 if u r up for that???


I’ve actually changed my mind. I want a ps3 now, so I must close this thread. NEED A PS3!!!


lol…me too!!!:crybaby: