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Ninja Gaiden II - case, game, no manual- $10 Shipped

All games are in amazing condition, I take care of my games. All of them come with their case and manual unless stated otherwise.

PayPal Only. Check my reviews.



Strikeshell has been trying to sell his 60 GB for a while now.


was just gonna post that


I’m saving up for a slim, and I think $350 is way too much for a 60gb.


im going to buy that 360 from you tonight. i will be back in a few hours and we can talk. peaceee.


Is $200 for the system + Premium games? Or just gears and ninja gaiden?


Thanks for the plug guys…$350 fro 60GB PS3 which plays PS2 games and comes with 2 controllers and HD-Cables doesnt seem to pricey to me but oh well…Good luck with the sale man.



Just gears and ninja gaiden.


Thanks a bunch strikeshell, Good luck with your sale too man.


pm’ed for hdd just in case it isn’t taken.


added everything back!


Still want that HDD if you wanna sell it separately!


Hey, elementalor, I’m waiting on al the great to get back to me about the 360. I dont know if he wants the package deal or what. But As soon as he notifies me, then I’ll let you know what’s going on.

  • Justin


i’m interested in Left 4 Dead. if it’s in really good condition and no one has picked it up, i’ll take it.

let me know. :tup:


Pm’d streak!



hey i got your pm that really sucks that you decided not to sell it until today. i got a new jasper arcade from best buy literally hours ago. thanks again.

someone else should jump on this.


If no one buys this within the next few hours. I’m just going to keep it.


I want that copy of GoW II.
Been looking for one for around 20 bucks.
If you’re willing to sell it solo please let me know.


That’s actually a pretty sick deal since it comes with a 120gb. That hard drive alone costs close to 80 or so and the system is $220 new so you’ll be getting more than $140 off the original price.

If I were in the market for one I’d have bought it but I just got a replacement not too long ago. Good luck though and get back to me if you want to sell Blazblue separately.


PM Sent